14 Pics: Attention: White People: The Jews & Elite WANT TO REPLACE YOU… proof…

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Afrikaanse Boeke op AfricanCrisis
Hier is ‘n paar boeke wat jy nie in gewone liberale winkels sal kry nie!

[This was posted on Gab.ai which I highly recommend. Its far superior to Twitter.

Here, right in your face is the proof that we are being relegated to the rubbish dump of history – or at least that is the intention of the cuckolds/liberals/liars/jews/faggots/communists who rule over white people and spit on the very fine people they rule. Look at the Jewish meddling with our race, babies and sex. The Jews are trying to confuse male and female. Can you believe that? That’s how insane its becoming.

ATTENTION: WHITE PARENTS: KEEP YOUR WHITE CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE JEWS AND LIBERALS. Just tell them this: “If you touch our children, WE WILL KILL YOU!!” – End of story. Keep your dirty hands off our children and keep them away from the children’s minds. Jan]


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Video: S.Africa: SECESSION: The ONLY HOPE for Whites: My discussion with a Lawyer
Secession, secession, secession! This is the JET AIRCRAFT to Freedom for Whites in South Africa. Nothing else has the potential of this concept. Youll understand why I think this is the most awesome thing that anyone in South Africa can do. In this video youll hear a detailed discussion with my attorney who did a lot of legal work on secession along with other attorneys.

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