Attention: Stickers & Fliers about Jews anyone? Jews Scape-goating BLACKS…


[This is from an excellent supporter of mine in the USA. He makes stickers and has sent me many, and I like what he's done. I've just not had the time to put them all up. But he makes great stickers and puts them on all the letters he sends. And I like the idea a lot.

I see that the European Heritage Association who are doing great work in the USA, are also putting lots of stickers out on streets, etc. 
When I was at The Fash Bash in April 2019, I spoke to other folks there, and I saw that other guys were going around putting out fliers. They would stick them on lamp posts, etc. 
Judging from my chats to the people, this is definitely something that can work well in the USA and maybe other places. I really like the idea. This is also a way of leaving messages in places so that it catches the eyes of other whites. 
And in the case of blacks you can even catch their eyes. I like this a lot. Whenever you get a chance to speak to blacks or other non-whites, make the most of the opportunity to teach them quickly about Jews. In the case of blacks, tell them about Jews being the biggest slave owners. 
Something else I stumbled on that Farrakhan did, is that he spoke about Jews Scape-goating blacks. By that he means blacks are falsely accused of some crime. e.g. With Mary Phagan and the Jew Leo Frank trying to blame it on the black guy. 
I've found one story in South Africa, which I need to still put up, where a rich Jew killed his wife in the days of Apartheid (1950s) and he blamed it on blacks. Even the white cops of that time were sure it was not the blacks. The Jew in the end got away with the crime and the white cops did not charge anyone. But the Jew went to great lengths to blame it on blacks and clearly HE was the actual murderer. But he was very rich and got away with it.
If you've interested in a package of stickers, then leave a message on the contact us page and I'll get my supporter to post you some free stickers.
I definitely believe we can do well by especially awakening blacks to the issue of the Jews. I am utterly convinced that in the end, ALL RACES WILL HATE JEWS. All of them. If I look at the Muslims and Arabs, etc …. you can see over a billion of them totally hate the Jews. 
The notion that we are the only ones who can be the focus of bad intentions is nonsense. I am convinced that the majority of the common people on the planet will hate the Jews once they know just a bit about them. And the blacks in New York who are whacking the Jews … that is excellent stuff.  
Here in South Africa in particular, and in Africa in general, the blacks HATE ISRAEL because of the Palestinians. Definitely. There's a serious hatred of Israel. They don't know much about Jews outside Israel. But they definitely HATE ISRAEL. Jan]

From my supporter:


If you know anyone in USA that would actually have the balls to put up some of my stickers I will send them for free an envelope with an assortment of them so they can put them on the back of their mail, on vending machines, doorways, shopping carts, bulletin boards, parking lot lampposts, etc.

I have offered them to many of our so-called “white nationalists” and have yet to have one
with the courage enough to take me up on the offer. I can’t believe our folk are so cowered.

Maybe you know of someone who has not lost their balls to the jew. You can ask them, and
make sure they will use them, and i will send them an assortment for free.

My goal is to have the jew looking over their shoulder day and night not knowing when the next nigger is going to pay them a visit.

I also intend to start making up some stickers directed at black folks, illustrating how
the jew has oppressed them from the slave trade days till today. Louis Farrakhan is
doing great work in this regard, and is probably responsible for the blacks attacking the
Jews in Jew York. We need to turn the blacks and browns onto the jew.

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