Attention: All White People: Please keep those lazy over-funded Jewish bastards at the ADL & SPLC BUSY!!!!


[Here was a brilliant post (one of many) on You’ll find Alex Linder and myself there. If you want FREE SPEECH then dump Twitter and go to where there are lots of happy whites. You might not be used to actual free speech so it will feel strange at first to not have a Jew or White Liberal Race Traitor irritating you.

Here was a brilliant post that some put up which made me laugh a lot:

every time you guys say “fuck niggers and Jews” the ADL has to waste time documenting it and worrying about whether they’ll ever be able to stop it, so best to keep saying it

Now that’s the right attitude to have!! Please give the ADL and all these disgusting filthy over-funded Jewish bastards in the USA and elsewhere a reason to exist. The ADL, SPLC and other Jewish scumbags are always crying about how much “hate” and “racism” and antisemitism there is. These filthy Jewish pieces of dog shit who are literally DROWNING in funds are always looking for reasons to screech, cry and howl about what garbage whites are. They moan even when we’ve been bending over black-wards and jew-wards for decades. So how about we show them what white RACISM is actually like!?

In the UK the Jews harass white women like Alison Chabloz using tax-free Govt funded institutions. So please give these fucking Jewish bastards some work to do!! Make them work a bit for all that money they’re swindling out of our Governments!

Let’s see if we can send their antisemitism statistics off the charts!

So fuck the Jews!


Heil Hitler!


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