Attempt by US Govt to destroy Crypto


[The owner of Odysee, who might be a Jew, sent out this note. Jan]

You are in a unique position to ensure cryptocurrency remains legal – please help

The cryptocurrency industry in the United States is under threat. As a creator on LBRY (the technology that powers Odysee), you are in a special position to help.

The federal government is attempting to set a precedent that will make virtually all cryptocurrencies in the United States securities, which would make many current usages illegal. You can learn more about the background here.

As part of our fight to ensure cryptocurrency remains legal, we’ll have the option to provide testimony from users of the LBRY blockchain.

Only a small handful of creators will actually be selected to testify, but the larger the number that volunteer, the better our chances. You can volunteer via this link and this is not a binding commitment (if you change your mind, you can still opt-out later).

If you are selected to testify, more details will be provided to you directly. It can be done from your home or wherever you record videos and will take a few hours including preparation time.

With Gratitude,
Jeremy Kauffman
LBRY, Inc.

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