ASSASSINATION: Zimbabwe: Blacks talk about Tsvangirai being POISONED! – Roy Bennet’s death


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[Both men in the above photo died almost within a month of each other. The white man is Roy Bennett and Morgan Tsvangirai is the black guy.

This weekend a family member, also from Rhodesia, and I were chatting to a black from Zimbabwe whom I know well. This black does not talk about politics much. But in our short chat, the black was saying that the recent death of Morgan Tsvangirai has the blacks talking. He says the blacks are saying that Tsvangirai, who was the head of the MDC (formed by whites & blacks in 1995) was poisoned. He died in hospital, apparently of cancer – that’s the official story.

But the blacks are talking and saying that its poison. He said the blacks have been saying that the previous Vice President before Mnangagwa (who is now the President), was also poisoned and survived but is mentally unstable.

Just last week Dr Peter Hammond and I did a show where we discussed many things (yet to be aired). We were discussing the sudden deaths, barely a month apart, of the white man Roy Bennet and Morgan Tsvangirai. The two of them were crucial to the MDC. The MDC, the only real opposition to the communist ZANU PF is now finished and smashed.

Both Peter and I are very suspicious of these deaths. Jan]

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