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[The Aryan Brotherhood were White Criminals who were being beaten up on, and murdered and attacked in prisons in the USA. They formed in order to defend themselves against Blacks who were maltreating them. The Aryan Brotherhood was formed by White men to protect each other against the Blacks who outnumbered them. So these White men are in many ways an example of successful White men who managed to survive being beaten up on and even murdered. Jan]

SACRAMENTO — In court filings Wednesday, federal prosecutors accused an incarcerated alleged Aryan Brotherhood member of plotting to murder a corrections officer, a scheme they say was thwarted when guards searched his cell and found a shank.

TWOSCOOPS-1-e1613670409886.jpg?fit=620%2C9999px&ssl=1Brant “Two Scoops” Daniel (Photo courtesy of CDCR)

The allegation comes two weeks after the inmate, 46-year-old Brant “Two Scoops” Daniel, submitted court filings accusing staff at California State Prison, Sacramento of plotting to murder him and of illegally interfering with his case in other ways. Daniel — charged in 2019 along with 14 other alleged Aryan Brotherhood members and associates — faces charges of racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder of fellow prisoners.

According to federal prosecutors, the allegations stem from a confidential informant at the Sacramento prison, where Daniel has been housed pending trial. The informant claimed that Daniel had stashed a homemade knife in his mattress and was planning to stab the officer, whose initials are “A.A.,” when he got back from surgery at a nearby hospital.

A six-inch blade was found in the mattress, and Daniel was consequently moved from administrative segregation to a psychiatric services unit, prosecutors said, adding that inmates without psychiatric conditions may be placed there, “if they pose a threat that cannot be alleviated by placement in the administrative segregation unit.”

“Despite the allegations in his motion that his current disciplinary charge is the result of corruption and fraud, Daniel has not used the administrative means available to him to challenge his rules violation,” assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Hitt wrote in court filings. “Specifically, under CSP-Sacramento regulations, Daniel has the right to a hearing within thirty days regarding the allegations in the rules violation report. Daniel, however, requested to postpone a hearing on the rules violation report.”

Hitt added that the prison is about to resume in-person legal visits by the end of the month, an indication that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is beginning to ease restrictions that have been in place for nearly a year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a motion earlier this month, Daniel’s attorneys described him not as the perpetrator of a murder plot, but as the intended victim of a prison guard conspiracy to kill Daniel. They also claimed that the weapon stashed in Daniel’s cell was intended for self defense, not because he was plotting an attack, and pointed to recent federal prosecutions against Sacramento prison guards accused of covering up an inmate’s death and civil rights violations.

“Evidence that CSP-Sacramento officers have repeatedly taken actions to assault or kill inmates shows that Daniel may have been framed in the prison disciplinary violation charge or that the weapon reportedly found in his cell was possessed in self-defense in response to provocation by correctional officer A.A. and other officers,” attorneys for Daniel said. “Indeed, in his approximately 26 years in CDCR custody, Daniel has never been accused of assaulting or participating in violence against an officer.”

Daniel is accused of a 2016 murder at Salinas Valley State Prison, where he stabbed 36-year-old Zachary Scott on the prison’s B-Yard. According to court records, he later bragged to authorities that “I hit him so hard, (the knife) went in his back and out his chest,” and that he would have killed a second inmate if that person hadn’t been recently transferred. Daniel pleaded guilty to the murder in state court.

According to the 2019 criminal complaint, federal authorities also caught Daniel on a wiretap using contraband cellphones to discuss other murder plots with leadership of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.

Most of Daniel’s co-defendants are housed in the Sacramento County jail pending trial, but for reasons authorities haven’t publicly explained, Daniel and one other co-defendant — an alleged Mexican Mafia member named Michael “Mosca” Torres — are at the Sacramento prison. Daniel has argued in court records that restrictions at the prison — as well as what he described as nefarious plots by prison guards — are impeding his defense.

Ironically, several of Daniel’s co-defendants have argued that the Sacramento jail is unsuitable to mount a defense against the federal charges — and that jail staff have been spying on them — and are requesting they be transferred to the prison for pretrial detention.


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