Are you ANGRY with Roe? Here’s what you can do…


An American I know sent me an email with a title like this one above.

So I opened it, expecting a meme or some comeback of note.

Instead what happened was that it was some worthless article from the Jewish NY Times. The Journalist had an almost Jew-sounding name. And the journalist was pushing someone’s worthless book.

Truly, Roe is nothing. The only people upset about it are Liberals and Jews. I’ve seen video where a Jewish MAN was so full of insane levels of anger over Roe. Really?

All these Liberals and Jews and assorted weirdo creeps – the demented and the stupid are against Roe. As one American friend told me: If a woman still wants and abortion she can drive over the border. It’s not as if it is IMPOSSIBLE to get an abortion if you are truly so inclined.

I find it amazing that people (Jews, Liberals and their scum really), are OUTRAGED and FURIOUSLY UNCONTROLLABLY ANGRY over this.

They are such spoiled children.

No normal sane White would even worry one bit about this, I think.

So if you want to know my views on this, after looking at the matter, then here it is:

Q: Are you ANGRY with Roe? Here’s what you can do…

A: Go F*ck yourself.

All the people who are worked up about it are a bunch of assholes. They don’t deserve any answer more than the above. Seriously.

You don’t like it? Leave America.


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