Are the Suidlanders a business? Do the Suidlanders own an Insurance Brokerage company?

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Investigations into the actual organisation called the Suidlanders are not complete. There is a “registered entity” known as “Suidlanders”. It was registered in 2016, which is the same date that the website was registered. So it may indicate that they underwent an expansion and formalisation of some kind.

The Suidlanders also have members in Namibia (formerly German South West Africa).

The name Suidland (Translation: South Land) has been used by various businesses in South Africa going back to 1973. But I doubt they relate to the Suidlanders. e.g There’s a Suidland supermarket and there are 2 Suidland investment companies. One is old and the other one’s date of registration is unknown.

But there are only two organisations in South Africa whose name is Suidlanders. The one is the one I mentioned above and the other is this one below:

It has this name and registration details:
SUIDLANDERS VERSEKERINGS MAKELAARS (Translation: Suidlanders Insurance Brokers)
Registration code: 2011-006196-23

It seems that in 2011 the above company was registered. It is a CC, which in South Africa is a “Closed Corporation”. This was something invented in the time of President PW Botha. He created a very cheap way to launch a small business and thus the CC was born. The ANC has been phasing CC’s out. So this could be a small business. It could be a one man business. Or it could be bigger. A CC can also become a large business. I’ve not bothered to dig more into it. But it seems to have some sort of link to the Suidlanders.

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