Are the Jews lying about the apparent benefits of Cannabis? – YES!

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[Here are some comments from readers on my website. I definitely believe the scum are lying. Jan]

11:13 a.m., Sunday Oct. 25

Gedempte_Fleisch: wrote:

Study organic psychiatry. On postmortem a cannabis user’s brain is visibly damaged and easily distinguished from a non-user’s brain. I speak from professional experience. The doctor is correct.


1:26 p.m., Sunday Oct. 25

Jimi James LaMont wrote:

Angels77 has a point on CBD oil which has no properties that can be abused by a person seeking a high. BUT… the oil is HIGHLY overrated for any real pharmaceutical benefit.

You, Gedempte_Fleisch are 100% correct on your statement of using Cannabis by smoking the plant product to obtain a high from the THC content.

Please note that the Hemp plants makes great rope but no high can be obtained from it.

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