Are Ron Desantis, the Jews and Fauci working together? Diamond deals?


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S.Africa: Black man caught having sex with calf
Blacks catching another black ... in the act

[Take a look at this. Diamonds is another area where Jews are extremely active. They literally control the entire world’s diamond businesses. I’ve never taken Ron Desantis seriously. I thought he was a Jew tool. And it seems as if a lot of Jew corruption is going on and lookee here … Dr Fauci … now in DIAMONDS? Is Fauci a crypto-Jew? Methinks a lot of Jewish corruption is going on here. If I were a White American, I wouldn’t take Ron De Santis seriously. He’s owned. Jan]

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Video: How Rhodesia & South Africa killed 1 million+ Blacks after Portuguese Collapse
This is the story of something that the Rhodesians kicked off in desperation after the Portuguese had collapsed. Its effect lasted decades and huge numbers of Blacks died and it had massive effects on a Black nation. In this video I also discuss many deeper things including my discussions with President PW Botha.

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