Apartheid: The Real Reason why the Soviets/Russians were thrown out of South Africa in 1956

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I just want to quickly touch base on why the Russians were thrown out of South Africa by the Apartheid Government.

The Soviet Union had an embassy in South Africa in Pretoria. Russian petrol was even on sale in South Africa. However, after WW2, the South Africans were monitoring the Russians and realising that they were up to nefarious nonsense. They monitored the Russians closely and eventually threw the Russians out of South Africa. The Soviets were evicted in 1956.

The Russians of course became the primary enemy and in the 1980s, Russian officers were commanding big battles in Angola against the Whites. Among the reasons for kicking the Russians out of South Africa was the fact that the Russians were stoking up the Blacks to fight a race war against the Whites.

The Russians were up to very naughty things. They were giving money to the Communist Party of South Africa. The NKVD was active. They were helping the Blacks. They were involved in a LOT of communist activity. But the Russians, through Radio Moscow, were broadcasting to the Blacks and Non-Whites in South Africa to rise up against the White Government.

NB: In the text below "Bantu" means Black. That is the proper term for the Blacks. It is actually scientifically and historically correct.

Here is an actual quote from a South African reference book:

The reasons which have led to this decision are the following (only a few major points are given):

(2) The Union Government has evidence that the Consulate-General, through members of its staff, has cultivated and maintained contact with subversive elements in the Union, particularly among the Bantu and Indian population, and that it has served as a channel of communication between such elements and the authorities of Soviet Russia. Furthermore, the same channel has been used for the diffusion of communistic propaganda directed particularly at the Bantu population in transgression of the laws of the land which proscribe communistic propaganda in any form.

(3) Confirmation of the above is provided by a recent broadcast of Radio Moscow controlled by the Soviet Government, and which serves as a propaganda medium of. and expressing the views of that Government. The broadcast referred to was in effect an incitement of the Bantu and non-European population, and more particularly the African and Indian National Congress respectively to resist the Government of the Union of South Africa.

(The fourth point listed below is interesting in view of the wild drinking parties’ held at the Soviet Consulate in which many well-known South African communists of various race groups took part.)

(4) You are aware of course that the provisions of the Liquor Act have not been observed on the premises of the Consulate-General, and that recently a serious infringement of the Art was committed on those premises, notwithstanding a previous warning.”*

Mr. Louw concluded his letter with these words: “The closure of offices and agencies
mentioned and the withdrawal from the Union of the members of the staffs thereof,
their families and dependants, should be effected by 1 March 1956.”

This produced the expected reactions from communists, socialists and their kind
across South Africa. Now a major contact point for Moscow with the CPS A and its
friends had been destroyed.

One author writing about these days in South Africa makes the following com

"The Government’s fears of communist subversion led to a break in diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union in 1956. The Russians were told to close the Embassy (actually consular service) and the South African representatives were recalled from Moscow."

Source: The History of Communism in South Africa, 1985

After the Soviets were told to get out, they did a strange thing. They set fire to their embassy. Later when the South Africans went through the burnt ruins of the Soviet Embassy they discovered many nefarious things that the Russians had been hiding inside their embassy!!!

We will return to this topic later in a video, with photos.

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