Another Excellent young Holocaust Investigator … the Secretive: Denier Bud

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At the time that I was looking at holocaust videos and I had made contact with Eric Hunt, I then one day mentioned a video to him that I thought he had made, which I thought was brilliant. He then told me it was not his video but a video made by someone called Denier Bud. I tried to contact Denier Bud but, sadly, was never able to.

These young white guys, I must tell you, certainly showed what they are capable of and they impressed me. I suppose Denier Bud remained incognito in order to avoid the problems that come from the Jewish bags of shit who will come and harass any truth telling white. So it is sad, but it is also understandable. I must tell you, I enjoyed all the holocaust expose videos made by these youngsters. It was good quality stuff and what was lovely was that between the older folks who led the way, and the youngsters who followed, they covered every conceivable bloody angle. They sewed up the holocaust good and tight. It is such a pack of utter f*cking lies I tell you. And the different angles of thought, investigation, etc … was just fabulous.

The holocaust has been totally and utterly discredited by whites, exposed for the bag of Jewish shit that it really is. Anyone who believes that Hitler gassed the Jews is just a moron and needs to wake the hell up.

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