Angry, Outraged American with Military Traditions at the Jewish transformation of the USA – My Reply


In a discussion an American wrote this to me: Very good points, I read Tragedy and Hope long ago in the 70’s while in the Army. Every generation of my ancestors fought in American Wars including me and my three sons. However we have a Cultural Marxist Sissy Army in the USA where People of Color, LGBT and Women get all of the Medals and promotions. I have 4 Grandchildren and I have discussed with their father, a Kosovo and Iraq War Veteran (I am a Vietnam Veteran) about carrying on the Family Tradition of Military Service and we both agreed that NONE of my grandchildren should ever be in our morally repugnant Marxist Military Forces.

I replied:
Quigley’s really important book is about civilisation. In there is important stuff for me. It is sad that Americans have to be outraged by their system, and I find it quite amazing to see how some of you Americans feel betrayed by your system. Though I totally agree with you. It is interesting how they are destroying you from the inside out. Jews and Liberals and Commies at work … working to destroy whites. It’s good that we’re all in the same boat now. It’s good and healthy for us as a race. We have things that finally bring us together. It does please me to see how we’re all really the same. We think exactly the same when we’re red-pilled. It’s wonderful. I think good things can come from it.

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