An Irish Priest predicts the near future – My warning to despondent, scared Whites…


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I was a big fan of the show Medical Detectives. This story really got to me. And this Black man was not even executed.

Someone sent a bunch of Americans a video saying that an Irish priest talks about events that are about to happen.

So I responded:-
I don’t even need to watch the video in order to tell you the Irish priest is wrong.

I used to follow prophecy so much. So much bunk.

People mean well, but they are WRONG 100% of the time I’m afraid.

Then an American lady replied:-
Jan, I agree. The video is very dark. I could only watch the first few minutes.

Then I wrote:-
Thanks for the feedback. Don’t even bat an eyelid about it. Here in South Africa we have had various people (possibly traitors among the Whites) talking about insanely depressing wild things about how we will all be killed soon, etc, etc.

Don’t even worry about any stuff like that. I’ve been following dire predictions, not just about South Africa, but America FOR DECADES. When I was younger I believed the crap.

There is nothing that Christian preacher is going to tell you that will add anything to your existing knowledge. Leave all these fools.


Ignore the crap, focus on doing positive things. You’ll see that works better. I’ve been at this for a long time.

I don’t even worry one bit about anyone who claims to know the future.

I just say to myself: Here we have YET ANOTHER BIG LIAR.

Don’t lose any sleep over it. Focus on the positive and WORK and EFFORT.

That is how we will make the future better for our people.

Everything else is crap.

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