An Iranian writes to me: My Analysis of the Hamas-Israel War – Muslim Diplomacy is FIRST CLASS!!!


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[What is impressing the heck out of me, is the diplomacy of the Palestinians, and now the Iranians. The US Government won't be able to find fault with it. It's looking good. Jan]

One of my supporters is an Iranian and this is how he sees the drone attacks. This is way over the top, and Jewish Israel isn’t going to be defeated. But this is how hopeful he is:

Hello Dear Jan, my dear Boer/Afrikaner friend.

Just to let you know, Iran & her allies which are commonly known as the Axis Of Resistance are now throwing in massive swarms of Drones & Surface to Surface missiles at the usual suspects.

This is now the beginning of the end, the whole world will be free & so should you Boers/Afrikaners should in near times get up & fight for your freedom.

My own thoughts:
Maybe the Middle East War will continue in this sort of fumbling, bumbling way for quite a long time. But the Iranians are playing a very brilliant DIPLOMATIC GAME and I think they are scoring more diplomatic points, even on the counter attack than the Jews of Israel. The Muslim diplomacy is really tip top and they talk nicely to the Americans. I’m very impressed. The Jews are not in danger, but they are losing the propaganda war. It’s impressive.

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