An American Reader got a weird phone call from the Bank… (or Jews or ANTIFA?)


[One of my readers sent me this note. The top part about the Bank is interesting and strange. I am even wondering if she really was even called by the Bank … Could she have been called by someone posting as an official of the bank??? That could also be possible. Jan]

She wrote:

Received a strange call from the bank last week "a first time call in years", asking Me to turn My FREE savings account into a "checkings account", "that American Nationalists" "have to pay (6) dollars a month for", I said I’m fine with My savings account and today I hear that the ny communist cult of CREEPS decided to TRY to make American Money OBSOLETE cash-less only "credit cards" in which the SNEAKY ILLEGAL Circus charges I believe every month $18 dollars =6 6 6 =sex sex sex The FILTH

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