America’s many war losses since WW2 … White men die for nothing … and those Nation Wreckers…


I sent this to an American I know:
Interesting one. I’m curious to see the reaction in America to this horrifically stupid situation of losing to a bunch camel jockeys. Isn’t it disgusting how America can lose such basic wars? I mean you folks have insane money, technology and training. But you folks have been DOOMED TO LOSE WARS SINCE WW2 my friend. I’ve studied things like the Korean war, Vietnam war, etc. The Jew and his communist bum chums undermine your country.

It’s disgusting. Until one relearns the very fine and very workable and successful ART OF WAR … we as a race will never be magnificent. But there is a definite desire to destroy America’s victories.

I believe even North Vietnam surrendered to the USA and then the JEW KISSINGER went and "negotiated" and suddenly the victory was gone and you were the losers. But we too had similar problems. Our internal wars and strife … came from that same source… that group of nation destroyers. THE WHITE STATE needs to be REVIVED. It can work. It can WIN like crazy too … even on the BATTLEFIELD. And in this world of strife, the battlefield is a place where the White race dominated. We need to return to this, I tell you. YOU CANNOT AVOID IT. Life is for the taking. If you don’t stand up for yourself nobody will. Your enemies will DEVOUR YOU. This is why we formed STATES and EMPIRES. This is what PROTECTS YOU. But these globalist Jewish nation destroyers are ripping these things apart.

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