Americans & Europeans LOVED The Great Jewish Mask series – Why? – My Future Plans

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[I have had endless compliments from people in the USA and in Europe who have complimented my series The Great Jewish Mask, based on the fascinating book from about 1936. People have asked me many times whether I will do more on it.

I asked one of my best supporters, what he liked about it, and what it brought home to him and the comments were as per below. In a nutshell, Jews have done nothing positive in this world. They have been liars since before the time of Christianity.
I told my supporter, that there are other enormous Jewish lies from the past that have been exposed scientifically. And I will show people what is really known and then you'll see these people have been bold, bullshitters for the last 2,400 years.Jan]

My Reader’s comments below:

I have it all uploaded on my Telegram channel and bitchute thank you for bringing it up. To recall I remember from watching your videos and reading it I found a pdf copy I was interested by the fact that seven thousand years ago the Jews had been waging war against our race planning it’s destruction. Then that the Jews when they went around the world claiming they were honorable, ancient, respectable, and chosen people that when they tried fooling the Greeks and Romans of this they both laughed at the Jews faces knowing there own heritage, ancient blood, and respectability of there race while telling the Jews there a desert people with donkeys they created nothing and contributed nothing. This along with the Lion skin approach they make themselves appear intimidating when they use other Whites against Whites when Jews themselves are cowards.

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