American says: The Chinese will invade the USA – My Analysis – Dumb Chinese can’t invade Taiwan or Canada


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[This is from a discussion I had with an American ex-Vietnam veteran whom I know. One of his pals got panicky and said that the Chinese will be invading the USA. So here's my response and analysis. Jan]

I originally sent this short message:-
I have many articles to post, but I’m coming across more and more info that shows that the Jewish super power, Communist China, is failing! In a nutshell, among other things, the debt crisis is real and getting bigger. BEST OF ALL, after COVID, China’s growth rate is LOWER than before COVID. So all the BS about how well China is doing is pure crap.

All round, the news looks good. The bag of shit known as China is sinking. Lovely.

Then my American pal’s friend wrote back:-
Economic wars lead to hot wars.

Get ready for actual combat on American soil.

The Jew mafia has completely disabled the American manufacturing base.

The average lifespan of a tank in hot battle is less than 1 hour.

The reason America was historically a military power is because of the sheer size and power of its manufacturing base.

When you can’t make tires, boots, or bullets, and your supply lines of food are cut off due to the destruction of farming, how can you win a war against a nation who has all the manufacturing, all your stolen military technology, and 1.4 billion people of the same race?

Yes, China has many problems but those problems will be what pushes China into a hot war…….blaming the West for their plight.

Then I sent my response to the above:-
Ok, I read what your friend wrote and you are most welcome to send my reply back to your friend.

With regard to his claims and fears that the dumb retarded Chinese will be invading the USA. Stop the bus my friend. Stop the bus. You White Americans have NOTHING TO FEAR. Don’t lose even 1 minute’s sleep over your friend’s prediction. You’re 100% safe. Your military and your nation, even in your current backward state, are more than strong enough to clobber the living shit out of China.

Let’s talk about nuclear war for a second. I’ve seen analyses published by US military analysts years ago, that the USA would annihilate China with only 400 nukes. How many nukes do you currently have? Thousands!!! If China wanted to try and play the nuclear game with you, even now, they’ll be a smoking radioactive ruin in a matter of hours.

I was also looking at the concentration of the population of China. 90% of the Chinese population lives along the coastline and somewhat interior of it. I think 75% of the rest of China only contains 10% of it’s entire population – in other words it’s bare. Again, the concentration of population makes it really easy to nuke them – if it came to that – BUT IT NEVER WILL. NOT IN YOUR AND MY LIFETIME AND VERY LIKELY NEVER!!!!

In the days when I was a RETARD and I had Jewish friends, we had endless discussions about China. My White-hating Jewish friend constantly was pumping up the Chinese and their wondrous achievements and awesome history. That is a totally ridiculous story actually. The Chinese, unlike the Japanese, are idiots. China has very little history, despite it’s big size that shows them to be much. Instead, the Japanese, with a smaller population, crushed them like bugs.

The Koreans seem to be quite kickass. But China. Show me examples. Everyone is being fooled by yet another Jewish house of cards, no different to the Jewish house of cards about Africa.

I doubt you’ve ever listened to many videos and shows I’ve done where other Whites raise the issue of China and I discuss China including the fact that the Chinese have been in Africa, especially southern Africa extensively. The Chinese swarmed into what is now Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) in the early 1980s because that regime was basically a Chinese armed and funded regime. The Blacks there had many interactions with China including trade, borrowing and buying weapons. I can tell you many stories about them. But the Chinese have come and gone. The Chinese don’t last. The Russians, who are much more White/European, are a different kettle of fish and much tougher.

Do you remember the endless, endless, endless drum beats in recent months about the Chinese invasion of Taiwan, their PRIMARY ENEMY?

Taiwan used to be an ally of Apartheid South Africa. We dealt with the Taiwanese.

How many times have I made the point: If China has a tiny enemy, of 20 million Taiwanese (who are all Chinese actually), off their coast … and if China is so powerful … then why doesn’t China crush them like bugs and conquer them?

Because, tiny Taiwan, with 20 million Chinese will actually kick their asses and hurt them!!

WAR IS ABOUT REALITY. It is NOT like politics, which is a SCAM.

War is about DOING. Not about TALKING. I’ve looked at the numbers, I understand technology and, most importantly, I understand military logistics. If you can’t get the enemy troops to their destination, or if you can attack them on their way to their destination, or you kill them at their destination, then they will not be winning.

A Chinese invasion of America is a project so huge that all of China could not pull it off. Have you compared the SIZE and QUALITY and TECHNOLOGY of the US Navy to that of the Chinese? The Chinese cannot even reach your shores.

The only Chinese who are a danger to you are the Chinese that your (((Liberals))) are letting into your country to steal your science and technology.

As far back as October 2020, I was publishing my analyses about China. I have looked at actual weaponry, troop totals, distances, etc. I’m not an idiot. Look at my analyses. Here goes:-

WAR: Analysis: Could China invade Taiwan under President Xi Jinping, and would they win? – My Comments –

In October 2021 I wrote:-
WARNING: WW3: MY MILITARY ANALYSIS: Lots of scare stories of Chinese invasion of Taiwan – My Assessment –


And if the dumb Chinese retards actually were able, by some freaking miracle, to make it on to American soil, you American CIVILIANS, with your hunting rifles and AR15s, would kill them by the hundreds of thousands.

Don’t be fooled by the silly numbers of 2.8 million Chinese in their military. Those 2.8 million won’t even be able to conquer Taiwan with it’s 20 million people.

China is no threat to you … unless they could somehow manage to nuke you massively, without you hitting back. Your science and technology is too advanced. They will NEVER be able to land a single nuke on you.

Have you seen their navy and their aircraft carriers? Please, compare them to yours. There’s no comparison. Their navy is so tiny and so tin pot, they won’t even reach your shores.

Some people have "The Hitler Test" that they put out. So let me give you "The Taiwan Test" for China. Before you believe these worthless, weak, Chinese scum are worth anything, let me propose this test: Let’s see if dumb Jewish China can invade Taiwan and actually conquer them. OR, to make it easier for your friend, show me China invading and conquering any place with even 1 million people.

If the Chinese can’t do any of the above, then don’t even worry about them invading the USA with 200 million Whites. You’ll annihilate them.

Your friend may believe I’m wrong, but I’ll challenge your friend. Return in 6 months or a year and tell me I’m wrong and show me that the Chinese pulled off an invasion of Taiwan or any other place.

I also put out details of the last actual war the Chinese were involved in. It was in 1979 against Vietnam. Go and look at how badly the Chinese did in an attack across their border at a Third World enemy. The Chinese eventually gave up and returned to China.

The Chinese Military/Scientific/Economic Super Power is nothing more than a huge bunch (((Liberal))) smoke screen.

Don’t lose any sleep over any of this my brother. You are all safe in the USA.

China’s actual power is more on a par with that of Canada. Before the Chinese invade the USA, let’s see if they can invade and conquer 30 million Canadians. I assure you, the Canadians will kill them and smash them in larger numbers than the Taiwanese would.

I say: The dumbassed Communist Chinese, are INCAPABLE of invading Canada. The Canadians, without American help, would rip them to pieces.

The only hope for the dumb Chinese, would be if they could manage to nuke all the major Canadian cities first. And even then, I doubt they could actually occupy Canada.

None of you Whites in North America must lose even 1 minute of sleep over the dumb Chinese.

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