America (& the entire Western World): Where are the men? – My Comments

[This was written by an American. I too have been watching how the White male is just losing and losing and he's losing in every conceivable way. But the Jew is behind it. In my view Jews are sitting behind the scenes stage managing Black Success and White Failure – globally. The world has also become very SOFT and FEMINIZED. Thus, any white man who wants to do manly stuff is quickly regarded as a criminal or some degenerate. You can see it in EVERYTHING. Along with the soft, feminized world, we also are living in a world of attorneys, and endless lawsuits. Look at the instructions that come with any device you buy or any medicine you buy. All kinds of weird nonsense has to be printed not only for morons with IQs < 80 but also for all the attorneys waiting to sue anyone's pants off. This is all a Jewish world. This is not what whites ever needed, or liked – anywhere. The ONLY WAY FORWARD is for the white man to learn, step by step to FIGHT BACK. Jan]

The "ladies" are doing it because "men" are busy gossiping about their new
masks in BLM sewing circles after having their hair dyed pink. Consider
earlier stories about CongressMEN, like that of Aaron Burr and Alexander
Hamilton’s 1804 duel. Then there was Andrew Jackson,
. Fistfights were once common occurrence in Congress. Today we
find Congressclowns being beaten up by nasty bull dykes. One can only
imagine the outcome of such an assault on such men as Jackson and Burr;
imagined because they would have never happened in the first place.

I knew American manliness was over when I told a late 80’s Marine how they
used to beat us half to death for screwing up. With puzzled look he asked,
"Why didn’t you fight back?" He could not seem to grasp the idea of
overwhelming force as the reason prisoners seldom fight back. Those doing so
often do not survive long and so it once was in the Marine Corps. Now it was
my turn to be puzzled. That was when I discovered the Marines had
implemented the Army’s "time out card" we scoffed at during my enlistment
fifteen years prior.

As dumb as the average Marine is, I cannot imagine how they can get any
discipline or group functioning out of them without applying a baseball bat
upside their head. If nothing else, beatings toughen soft flesh while
teaching young men how to take one and keep going, something never taught
and never learned in pink-haired, BLM sewing circles. Marines are divided
into two, curious categories, 99% percent rock dumb and 1% brilliant genius.
Looking at the masks out there, I suppose these figures pretty much reflect
the same composition as the general population. But one even questions great
intellects when they stand ramrod-straight beside you in formation.

One of the guys in boot camp had a masters in molecular biology. Another in
my basic electronic class had a PhD in astrophysics. Yet, due to a lack of
brainpower in the new, "high-tech" Corps, I was sent to electronics school
as part of testing the possibility for making electronic technicians out of
high school dropouts. Since I quit school in the ninth grade, I qualified to
participate in the Marine Corps program to make Small Scale, Integrated silk
purses from sow’s ears. Much to the D.I.s chagrin, it turned out the only
guy scoring higher on the General Services Test was the molecular biologist
and last I heard, he went to OCS.

So who was made our platoon guide? Why of course, an 80 IQ, "golden" Negro.
That was 1970, three years after the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; so
it was easy to guess who would be leading our platoon, but we weren’t even
smart enough to guess.


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