America should NEVER have lost the Vietnam war – Jewish manipulation of White American culture

A few more comments thoughts from me:-

America should never have lost the Vietnam war. I’ve looked into it extensively. But America’s morale was undermined, among other political and other misdirections. The Jewish role in how White America lost the Vietnam war is something that needs to be looked at.

I’ve been pondering some of these matters for quite some time. But they need more study. This is the Jewish Backstab (among many) that White America has taken. White South Africa got it’s Jewish backstabs too. THE ENEMY WITHIN… that’s Jews.

But I think the cultural misdirection of Whites by Jews on a MASSIVE SCALE, especially in America, deserves serious study. It’s enormous. Whites begin to think like Jews and adopt Jewish values or values that Jews want them to adopt and it happens as if it is a natural process when in fact it is NOT A NATURAL PROCESS. Someone funds it, plans it and executes it.

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