America Must Die—So That the People Can Live – by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.


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[I have a similar view for all of the Western world these days. The Jewish/Elite system is totally anti-White and anti-Western … tear it down. Replace it with something beautiful … and White! Jan]

November 15, 2021

by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.


Therefore, it is time to accept reality and give up America for lost. Put away your flags, your pins, and all your red-white-and-blue paraphernalia. Toss out your MAGA hats; America will never be “great again.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or a fool. The country is rotting from above and below. Vermin are calling the shots from on high, and human detritus washes in over the borders. This was precisely how Ancient Rome fell. Such is the terminal stage of many an empire.

Looking Ahead

If this report on the fatal condition of America is close to the mark, it also suggests corrective actions that must be taken to regain a sane and stable civic life, at least for the White Euro-Americans who established and ran the country for most of its existence. The necessary actions are hardly a secret. The basic ideas are already floating around the Internet. Andrew Anglin, for one, was right on the mark in his recent essay on immigration. His conclusion:

The only way we are going to fix this [immigration] problem is through a two-fold solution: 1) Redrawing the borders of the country, and 2) Physically removing tens of millions of people. There is no situation where both of those things are not going to be necessary in the future.

He is absolutely right.[13] Those are two necessary, but not sufficient, conditions for the restoration of rational government among the White population today.

More specifically, my above analysis suggests the following steps: (a) Break up the existing United States into smaller, more cohesive, more homogenous, and more manageable units. (b) In these new units, encourage all non-Whites, and especially all Jews, to emigrate as soon as possible. (c) Discard the pernicious concept of human equality and replace it by a celebration of the higher, the nobler, and the best. (d) Replace industrial democracy with something like an aristocracy. Let me close by offering a few words of elaboration on each.

NB: When the author is dismissing ‘Christianity’, you need to remember it is the ‘main stream’ branch that is condemned (white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones). The true teachings of the Aryan Christ are not taught in the churches or gatherings today. As He said long ago, we are experiencing a ‘famine for the truth’ today, and that applies to those who profess to teach God’s laws and ways today when in fact, they are nothing more than prostitutes preaching sweet sounding words (approved by governments) instead of hard truths. – dj

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