AMAZING: POLITICAL GUERILLA WAR: Fired attorney Sidney Powell is back, advising Trump to chart a scorched-earth course – My Comments


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[I am astounded by this. I really had thought that Sidney Powell is bust, broken and defeated. I am amazed that she was back meeting with Trump!!! WTF!?!?! I am loving this FIGHT BACK!!! Trump will NOT use the military or martial law. I have been struggling to figure out this Sidney Powell woman. She is wild. She is aggressive. Her execution was NOT even a fraction of what we hoped for. But she does have 2 redeeming qualities: (1) I am amazed that she came up with a strange legal strategy which results in the DOJ withdrawing charges against Flynn and paving the way for him to be pardoned. So she does have something she can show. She saved Flynn. That is a feather in her cap. (2) She seems to be radical, driven and aggressive – which is something lacking on our side. Trump must have some respect for her if he accorded her a meeting. I will be monitoring Sidney Powell. She could have some value. I am liking the POLITICAL GUERILLA WAR that is erupting out the election. They don't define the "scorched earth policy" but I assume they mean that why will mention, for the next 4 years, the stolen election and undermine Biden's credibility. In other words, they will wage an endless guerilla war of words for the next 4 years. I think this is a great strategy. It will be amazing if Trump actually stays the course. I like the wild energy of this Powell woman. WE NEED RADICALS TO FIGHT THE JEWS. DEFINITELY. I like this. Harass the enemy. Spit in their faces constantly – that is GOOD STUFF. Never surrender. Never back down. Don't accept anything except VICTORY! This could be fun. Jan]

Friday’s Oval Office meeting with Trump "must be condemned," a critic says.

President Donald Trump had cut attorney Sidney Powell from his legal team after she launched multiple lawsuits aimed at overturning the 2020 election

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