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[On the fascinating website,, they give a stack of interesting alternatives to Paypal. I have not heard of most of these. But it looks really interesting. Jan]

PayPal Alternative

Looking for PayPal alternatives? Keep reading! What are PayPal alternatives? A PayPal alternative is a product or service that is NOT PayPal, but can be used with the same or similar effects. Second, a PayPal alternative is a product or service that can be used to send and receive money for virtually any purpose, and to anybody.

Such purposes include person-to-person money transfers, payment for online purchases (buyers and sellers alike), and other e-commerce payment solutions. Another requirement is that the alternative must be easily available to the general public to use, without any special conditions or requirements that make it difficult for the average person to qualify for. In other words, can a person sign up for this service as easily as they can sign up for a PayPal account?

But is there life after PayPal? Are there any alternatives out there today that are as “good” as PayPal? When PayPal first launched back in 1999, it was obviously just about the only online payment transfer system set up that was actually backed by some serious venture capitalist and talented developers. In fact, in the beginning, PayPal was offering as much as $20 for people to sign up with them. Today, PayPal acts like they don’t need your business at all.

Luckily, there are several viable alternatives to PayPal. Most of these viable PayPal alternatives came into existence because it was realized that there was a large pool of people who were dissatisfied with PayPal or there were people who simply could not use PayPal anymore due to the fact that their accounts will limited by PayPal. All of these people needed a place to go; all of these people still have money that they needed to send and money that they needed to receive. Inventive (and in some case opportunistic) entrepenurers saw the need and attempted to fill the void with their own startups and services. Over the years we’ve see several come and several go. Today, there are still several PayPal alternatives that started some time ago that are still with us today. They have grown, improved, and have gained a reputation for solid performance and customer service. So is there life after Paypal? Read on…

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There is “life after PayPal.” First, PayPal is where it is today as THE number one e-commerce solution because it was one of the first companies out there to offer the service that they do. Second, PayPal ended up being a perfect fit for users of such popular and widely used services like eBay. This fact alone propelled paypal to the number one spot. PayPal remains number one — in spite of all their problems — because they are being protected by eBay and because they are going through a phenomenal growth period where new users from around the world keep signing up on a daily basis. These new signups make up for the business lost by their horrible business practices.

PayPal — the company — is broken. The company shows no willingness to change its criminal and fraudulent behavior. In fact, any thing that has happened in the past five years to make PayPal a better company, have resulted only because of litigation (a court compelled PayPal to make changes). That is not the kind of company you can trust with your money.

Welcome to PayPal Alternatives!

This website is full of good reasons as to why you should not use PayPal. If you have found this website, chances are you already have PayPal problems and have seen first hand the devastating effects PayPal can have on your business and your finances. PayPal is a company that you cannot rely on. This website — as with any anti-PayPal website — would be making a grave error in not offering alternatives to its visitors. Why? Because life goes on — you go on. You still have to sell stuff or buy stuff on eBay, you still have to make a living and be able to send and receive money easily without a lot of hassles. You have to do all of these things — without PayPal. is pleased to present you with numerous alternatives to PayPal. You don’t have to spend hours or days searching for a way to replace PayPal in your life. This website has done it all for you!

PayPal Alternatives: For use on eBay and Websites

Merchantinc — Recommended for US Provides eBay Compatible credit card processing services for US and International Sellers. This company has been in business for over 10 years and is a well-known provider of online payment processing solutions. After researching over 40 U.S. merchant account providers, we have chosen because of their no setup/no cancellation fees approach. Their monthly fees for website processing, along with eBay processing, is only $7.95, a far better value than most companies we researched. Additionally, their transaction fees are LOWER than PayPal. Included with their services is an eBay compatible shopping cart system, Secure Payment Gateway and Merchant Account. The application process takes about 5 minutes, is completely online, and most people are ready to begin accepting credit cards the same day. I have stressed before, the benefits of using a traditional merchant account over PayPal, for many reasons, among them, your funds are deposited directly into your bank account, NOT a PAYPAL ACCOUNT! This gives you far more control of your money and your business. Plus, with a merchant account, your funds are protected by federal banking regulations “Since your merchant account is provided by a real US bank”. Unfortunately, PayPal is not considered a bank in the United States, and therefore it does not have to adhere to federal banking guidelines.

PROS: Reliable, Secure Payment processing solution. Accepted on Ebay. No setup fees. No cancellation fees. Very low rates. Easy to setup. Perfect for use on websites as well.

CONS: Only Compatible with eBay for US EBAYERS.

OVERALL: Highly recommended as an alternative to PayPal and as an alternative to receiving online payments. This is one of my personal favorites. Sign up and take it for a test drive — you won’t be sorry!

LINK TO Merchantinc

Allpay logo — Recommended for U.K. Only

This payment service is approved for use on all eBay sites around the world including the United States and Europe. This company is based in the United Kingdom. It has a rock solid reputation (even collecting payments for various local and state governments) and a customer service that is fast, efficient and caring. This should be a top PayPal alternative to residents and citizens of the United Kingdom for use on eBay and for general use as well. While it is approved for us on eBay, the service is USELESS for residents of the United States and Canada. The service can be used in western Europe (Example: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany)

THE SERVICE: is an umbrella company providing many e-commerce solutions. Users must sign up for services INDIVIDUALLY. The services offered include Swipe card payments, direct debit, internet payments, mobile phone payments, general bill payments and their online payment service Go&Pay. Go&Pay is what you would sign up for when you want to accept payments on eBay, make a payment on eBay or a general online payment that is non-eBay related.


PROS: Backed by a respected and well managed company, merchants can accept cash or debit card payments online, gives merchant’s customers more online payment options, works seamlessly with other payment options offered by the company, gives consumers the option of paying for online purchases with cash or debit cards, consumers can make online credit card payments, buyers and sellers are protected from fraud, and is easy to use. Reasonable fees are a major plus.

CONS: Trying to figure out HOW to sign up can be confusing — you really have to search. This system was not designed for use in major markets like the United States. They do not offer a FAQ on how to use their service. You have to learn or contact their customer service.

OVERALL: Excellent e-commerce solution for those who want to buy and sell on eBay, make general online payments and be able to accept online payments for their business — if you are resident of the United Kingdom. NOT recommended for users of the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.



CertaPay — Recommended for CANADA Only

This service is approved by eBay — however, it would seem that only eBay Canada would be the place where this payment service could be used. All other markets are not available because this service is only for persons with Canadian bank accounts. This service is used to send money to an email account using money from your bank account. CertaPay is owned by Acxsys Corporation. They are a financially solid and reputable company.


THE SERVICE: A person can send money straight from their bank account to a person with an email account. To be able to send money, the user must have a Canadian bank account. To be able to receive money, the user must have an email address AND a Canadian bank account. The service can used to send money to friends and family, pay fees for services, make internet auction payments, make online payments to those who accept the service, and so on.

PROS: Can send money person-to-person, accept auction payments, make online purchases including those at auctions, offer it as a web payment solution for your online business and be protected by the best seller protection policy I have ever seen: once you get your money, there is no way for CertaPay to take it back — the only way to get the money back is for the seller to give it back. In the demo copy this site was able to use (thanks to corporate relations at CertaPay), the user interface was easy to use and the whole thing was up and running in 15 minutes. Customer service is friendly and responsive. Finding their telephone number and email address for customer support was a breeze. Emails are answered usually within one business day. Customer friendly user agreement with no frozen or limited account clauses. Plus it is free to receive money with this service. A business person would not have to worry about fees eating away at profits.

CONS: This great service is ONLY AVAILABLE in Canada. It is not clear how much it costs to send money. Each bank that allows account holders to use this service charges different fees — that is a con for people wanted to send money. The service does not allow Canadians to send or receive money to an international audience — not even Canada’s neighbor, the United States. Buyers who use this service must beware as they will have no protection once they send money to a seller. Once the money is sent, there is no way to get the money back unless the seller agrees to a refund.

OVERALL: Recommended for ALL Canadian residents. While this service offers a limited audience, a seller could make a good living with this or her online business catering only to other Canadians. A buyer could benefit from this service by using it to pay for auctions and other online businesses located in Canada. As a bonus, this service can be used to send money person-to-person. That makes sending money to friends and family really easy. It makes it easy to send money to anybody the user wants to do business with (again, as long as they have a Canadian bank account).

LINK TO CertaPay



CheckFree is a solid publicly traded corporation based out of Georgia. The CheckFree service is operated by the CheckFree Corporation. As an added plus, this company has been around since 1981. This company is an umbrella company which provides many different kinds of e-commerce solutions. This payment service is allowed for use on all eBay sites around the world. For us, they offer payment solutions for online retailers.


THE SERVICE: While this company offers many e-commerce solutions, the one we are interested in gives online sellers the opportunity to accept payments worldwide. It is basically a merchant account. CheckFree will provide you will the payment buttons you can handle. Your customers click on the button and proceed with making their payment. This payment solution can be used for both your online business, physical business, and for ebay auctions (though this service makes no distinction between those).

PROS: The services offered are by a rock solid company that also manages over one trillion dollars in assets. Customer service is personalized with each merchant account having a personal account manager. All contact information is easy to find. Payments are deposited into your bank account or you can request a check. Once you do have the service, the user interface is easy to navigate with a cornucopia of printable report options and statistics. Applying your payment buttons to your website or eBay auction is childishly easy.

CONS: Not a service that is widely available or marketed towards the overall general public. You cannot even apply online. You have to request to be contacted and go through an application process where you can be either accepted or rejected. Fees are high when compared to other available options — this leans more towards a merchant account than an all-in-one service like PayPal or Google Checkout.

LINK TO CheckFree



This is another Canadian company. HyperWALLET let us review and use demo software to test out their service. First, this is not only a service, but it is a product as well. This e-commerce solution comes with software that you must install. Without the software, you have no service. If one really wanted to break down what all this is, here it is: HyperWALLET lets you become your own bank — right down to letting you issue your own branded credit and debit cards. I honestly do not know why eBay has approved this for their auction site — I am still scratching my head over this. It is not the kind of service that is for the average “Joe-six-pack.” Once must make a strong commitment to this service in order to use it to its fullest potential.

THE SERVICE: HyperWALLET allows you to offer financial services that are related to your products and services. HyperWALLET will deliver core functionability of a banking system without the costs associated with real banks. You can use this service so your customers can access their money with branded debit cards (your brand), view credit transactions online, transfer money from a line of credit to their main bank account, or pay bills from their online line of credit account.


PROS: Run by a solid and reputable Canadian company. Customer service is outstanding — friendly, responsive and fast. This is a great service for somebody looking for exactly what they have to offer. The software is not easy to use — you must learn it. However, once you do, you have ultimate power in your hands.

CONS: Not a solution for the average guy. You cannot apply like you would for a PayPal account or other similar service. You can either be approved or denied based on your financials. This eBay approved service has virtually nothing to do with what users searching for a PayPal alternative need. If the choice was this service or PayPal, you would have to go with PayPal every time!



Nochex — Recommended for U.K. Residents and Certain Others

This is another service offered by a company based in the United Kingdom. This company leans towards being a merchant account, but also offers personal and seller accounts. Overall, they offer a way to be able to send payments as well as receive payments.

THE SERVICE: This service offers its customers a merchant account, a sellers account or a personal account. The merchant account allows sellers to accept payments from the United Kingdom and around the world (credit cards, debit cards, etc). The sellers account allows you to receive payments only from within the U.K.. The personal account is for sending and receiving money between persons (including auction transactions). However, the personal account comes with certain limits (such as you cannot receive more than 90 British Pounds per day or send more than 300 British Pounds per day). Residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe can sign up for the merchant account. You MUST BE a resident of the United Kingdom to get the sellers account. The personal account — to send money to make purchases — is available beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.


PROS: Offers different accounts to meet different needs. Merchant and personal accounts are available to users around the world. Merchant account allows for receiving payments from around the world. Fees are surprisingly low and very competitive. The user interface needs a little work, but overall you can find what you are looking for fast. Reports can be generated and business statistics viewed. Withdrawing your money is easy and hassle free. Easy integration into your website or eBay auction. A bonus is each merchant account receives an assigned account manager. You’ll speak with the same person every time should you have questions or concerns about your account. The personal account is also easy to use with no steep learning curve. Making online payments with the account is fast and trouble free. Funding the account is also simple. Customer service is easy to find through email, online forums, and over the phone. The application process is not complicated and you get an answer back within 48 hours.

CONS: Some U.S. and Canadian users might be scared off because this is a British company. None of the services offers instant sign up — you must apply for the account you are interested in. You can either be approved or denied. Not widely used outside of the United Kingdom. More U.S. and Canadian users would have to sign up for this service to make a dent in eBay. However, buyers from all over the world will still be able to click your Nochex payment button and pay you.

OVERALL: If you are approved for the service, it is excellent. Persons from the United Kingdom should definitely be interested in this. Users from the United States and other countries would find the merchant account PERFECT for their needs. I like the merchant account I have, and would recommend it to almost anybody.


While this service is still listed with eBay as an approved service to use on their site, the company closed in late 2006. The website now is only a site in which you can send in payments for Oz Digital Products purchased via eBay Australia. NOTE: This company was owned by PayPal — so if it were still around, we would have not recommended it because of that. Why? PayPal problems would have followed you to Ozpay as well. PayPal makes it very clear in its User Agreement that it shares information with sister companies on a regular basis.

It would be nice if eBay kept their “Accepted Payments Policy” current.


Paymate — Recommended for Australia & New Zealand

This service, Paymate, is an Sydney, Australia based company that has websites for both its Australia users and its New Zealand users. This service is approved by eBay for use on all of its websites. However, the service is only available to residents of these two countries. This company is fairly solid meeting all of the local and federal licensing requirements.

THE SERVICE: If you are selling something on eBay, another auction site, have an online business or website, Australian sellers (and New Zealand) can receive payments from over 37 different countries. Buyers do not have to register in order to send a payment. As long as a seller is accepting Paymate as a payment option, buyers can send their money easily. Paymate offers its sellers several different types of seller’s accounts — ranging from the standard account to high volume accounts. Money is deposited directly into your Australian bank account. Sellers are able to put payment buttons in their auctions and in their websites to initiate a payment transaction.


PROS: Sellers from this region have a great alternative to PayPal. Australian sellers can still sell items on eBay USA and use Paymate as a payment alternative to PayPal. Sellers can receive money from over 37 different countries — that means buyers from over 37 countries can use this service to buy what they are looking for. Fees are very reasonable: a seller could easily make a profit using Paymate. The overall payment service is designed to send money email-to-email. That makes this service even easier. Buyers can register for a buyers account or can make payments as a non-registered member. That is a nice choice to have. I got to log into a friend’s seller account from where I am (with no negative consequences from Paymate, i.e., frozen or limited account) and check out the user interface. The user interface is stripped down and no nonsense. Everything was easy to find.

CONS: Buyers have to pay to use the service — I find the fees a little high (fees topping out at .50 cents Australian plus 3% of the transaction. That could be high enough to keep buyers away. However, if enough sellers start using this, the buyers will come. I found the User Agreement to be a little PayPalesque — but I was able to dig up no significant media reports, court filings, consumer complaints or other discord about the service.

OVERALL: Australians can really use this to make some money and move products. Payments come from an international audience — and there is nothing stopping Aussies from listing on Ebay USA and using this service as their accepted form of payment. With all their money being deposited directly into their bank account, this service is fast, safe and refreshing. Recommended for Australia and New Zealand.

LINK to Paymate



Xoom Corporation is a surprisingly stable company with an excellent management team and impressive board of directors. This payment service is approved by eBay for use on their worldwide sites. There is a misunderstanding about this service. Many people think you can ONLY send money to South America or other countries along those lines. However, U.S. users can send money to each other as well as send money to the U.K. and Germany (and vice versa). This is an online to off-line payment service. Payment is sent over the service and you get your money delivered to you or deposited directly into your bank account.

THE SERVICE: An eBay seller can use this service in order to accept payments for auctions. Also, you can use this service on your website to accept payments as well! Both buyers and sellers must hold accounts in order to be able to receive and send money. Accounts are funded through various means and sent to the seller. The seller can then have the money delivered to them, pick it up or have it deposited into their bank account.


PROS: If you are really desperate to send someone some money, this service is okay. If you are a migrant worker in the United States and need to send money back to Mexico or South America, this a good alternative to Western Union.

CONS: There are so many things that doom this service as a viable alternative to PayPal. The number one reason is outrageous fees. The fees are almost criminal. If you wanted to send somebody $25.00 US, it would cost you $5 or $10 US (depending on if you funded the transaction from your bank account or through a credit card). That makes this service useless for receiving auction payments. Nobody would send a seller a payment with those fees. It boggles the mind as to why eBay accepts this service on its website (we know why…to make PayPal look better). Plus, if you look at the countries as to where money is sent and received, it makes one think. On one side you have the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. On the other side a huge list of shady countries like Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Sri Lanka. I suspect this service is used mostly to move money out of the United States and into these countries (i.e., those who work in the U.S. with families in poorer countries). The website is poorly designed and doesn’t really give you the sense that you are someplace reputable. Plus getting your money seems to be a lot of work. Who wants to go somewhere to pick up their money? Who wants to get a dozen auction payment checks in the mail and then it to the bank and wait for them to clear?

OVERALL: This service is doomed to failure. It’s growth prospects are frozen by its criminal fees and limited practical uses. Not recommended to anybody.



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