Alex Linder: The nigs are chimping out: The Jewish Media is getting Whites killed – Whites should get the Media killed!

[I second what Alex says. The JEWISH MSM is responsible for many white deaths and physical harm to whites. Its about time the Jewish MSM felt some pain. Jan]

Here are some posts from Alex Linder on his

1:15 am Saturday Atlanta and Buckhead area
Just woke up and checked the local radio and apparently the nigs are chimping out from dowtown all the way up Peachtree to Phipps Plaza. They are breaking into Phipps Plaza trying to get into the Gucci store. They’ve already looted the Target, it seems, at Phipps.

Phipps Plaza is the upscale mall across from Lenox Mall. I don’t know if they’ve looted Lenox Mall. They were talking about having to evacuate nearby apartments if necessary.

the (((media))) are getting whites killed; whites should get the media killed

"human rights" is a jew-globalist propaganda concept. in practical terms, it means the colored has the right to white money, property, and genes. and the white has no right to protect himself from dispossession.


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