Alex Linder replies: Something very weird afoot…. money gold disappearing on a vast scale…


[I sent the article and note to Alex Linder that was based on what Zerohedge had written. Below are his comments. He has good points on both things. But yes, physical assets is the key to survival. The other is to simply have a job – because your salary will also go hyper. That's what happened in Zimbabwe … formerly Rhodesia. Jan]

Alex wrote:-
they’re printing another 500 billion. at some point this system has to fail and paper money go to zero. but they’ve been doing this for decades now. it’s actually GOOD to be in debt when this happens, as you can pay off your debts with one trillion-dollar note!

but it’s better to have actual assets that cant drop to zero when the paper (fiat) money value goes to zero, as always happens. of course, no one in Usa believes that can happen but they are ignorant./

Here is the original article we were referring to:

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