Alex Jones: An Excellent Shill & Liar for the Jews – His deflections on the CIA – My Analysis


I was watching an interview that Alex Jones.

I watched in fascination as he has a pretty good person he was interviewing him who was telling him a story, that looked like it was nailing the Jews. Then suddenly, Alex Jones, turns on a dime, and I think he was quoting some “very reliable” Jewess in the USA and the next thing you know … he totally demolishes what his guest was saying and the next thing is, Jones is busy BLAMING IT ALL ON THE CIA!

It was a beautiful DEFLECTION AWAY FROM JEWS and whacking the CIA based on some nonsense book written by a Jewess.

As much as the US Govt and the CIA has its weaknesses, the fact remains that I was convinced this was a very unfair strike at the Govt itself.

I would urge people to be careful of buying too much into “The Govt/CIA is your enemy” because the real enemy are the JEWS. But the Jews deflect a lot of their nonsense away and the Govt/CIA/Military takes hits that are not always right.

It seems to me this is a critical game for Alex Jones … someone for whom I don’t have one ounce of respect actually.


2 thoughts on “Alex Jones: An Excellent Shill & Liar for the Jews – His deflections on the CIA – My Analysis

  • 30th September 2019 at 4:06 pm

    Alex Jones is a disturbing character to me. Oftentimes, he almost seems like he’s on the right track and getting people towards the truth… then he deflects away from the real problems, like communists, and instead turns to blaming Nazis, the KKK, the CIA, and the NWO. But he never gets to the root of the problem. He’s almost like a gatekeeper. He’s only good at waking people up to the fact that there is a serious problem, but after that he only serves to confuse and distract. If you ever want to know what the real intent is behind the NWO, you have to go beyond what Alex Jones will tell you and do your own research.

    I also have seen some really in-depth exposés, such as this one:

    Which show that Jones is well-connected to Zionist influences. Not to mention that his first wife was Jewish, who later divorced and humiliated him in the media. I find it disturbing that he knew people like Jeff Rense and Eustace Mullins, who were very big truth-tellers, and later on he severed contact with them to build up his own brand. He is even aware of the big pedophilia problem that goes on behind the scenes, and he doesn’t acknowledge who has been behind pedophilia and ritual murder for thousands of years. I think he’s an actor and a con-man, at best.

    • 2nd October 2019 at 9:18 pm

      Any in the truth community I come across who are truly aware of our problem all agree Alex Jones is a piece of garbage. He may have been genuine at one time, but those days are long gone. He really went off the rails during the 2016 election campaign, becoming more unhinged and appearing to be under the influence of drugs, IMO. He looks geeked out on meth or cocaine and there is no denying the alarming change in appearance he has under gone. He looks HORRIBLE and used to be a relatively handsome man back in the early to mid 90s when he first began making videos.
      Hearing him rant on about the Saudis running Hollywood, or the Chinese, is just more proof he has been totally subverted. As recently as 2011 he was still calling out Israel on their many war crimes – MCP took him to task on several occasions.


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