Advice for all Whites from one of the greatest White Kings who ever lived! – Frederick the Great!


[Many whites look back on our past, on our history, and things that happened to us and they say that we screwed up on this, and screwed up on that. But in reality, we whites, especially white males, are the masters of risk and risk taking. If we fail now and then, as in The American Civil War or in Hitler’s time, or in Rhodesia, Angola, South Africa, South West Africa or Mozambique … this is just par for the course! We did the best we could, and be grateful for the things we showed we could achieve and what we could learn from it.

Both Napoleon and Hitler were tremendous admirers of Frederick. If you understand his military feats you’ll understand why Napoleon and others held this king in AWE!

Look at Frederick’s advice to us whites for posterity! This was a man who walked the walk. Nobody took more risks than him. Jan]


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