ABSURDIDTY: White America’s biggest problem of the last 100+ years … TOO MUCH TOLERANCE


When I sit and look at how things have gone for America, and what America was, versus the insane place (at the top) that it has become, I think the real issue is OVER TOLERANCE. Too much tolerance of ALL THE WRONG THINGS.

Something that Professor Quigley pointed out, was that the Elite of America have NO PROBLEM dealing with Communists … of course … JEWISH COMMUNISM!!! Look at Roosevelt! What a disaster that man was. What a hideous piece of shit he was. Surrounded by communists and Jews. And then he dived into WW2 … and wangled his way into war with Japan and Germany.

Look at The Deep State, and how its origins also comes from communism in the 1920s.

I am horrified by the fact that America tolerated communism so much, and look now at this tolerance of communism, this tolerance of Jewry … and even the tolerance of "minorities" in the USA who have far too much of a say.

The whites have stepped back more and more and let the country be controlled by "minorities" and communists and it’s taken the USA ever further away from what a Western country should be.

So now, common whites, the originators and founders of America, the sons and daughters of the creators of America, have to run and duck and hide IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!!!

Every system reaches its point of absurdity, and America has reached its one. It is by driving out whites and letting every other worthless shitbag open his big filthy mouth … and letting ever lower forms of scum control a country that was founded and brought to almost perfection, by WHITES!

What is needed is for WHITES, especially WHITE MALES, to SEIZE THE USA BACK BY ANY MEANS!!! SERIOUSLY!

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