About GOOD JEWS: Alison Chabloz: Is the Daily Stormer’s Weev Jewish? Gab.ai Censoring of Weev – Also Alex Linder re: Jewish infiltration of Whites


I was busy going on a little marketing drive of my own to get more creators and people to head on over to Andrew Torba’s Gab.ai where we can speak freely. While going that, one of the people who got my message was Alison Chabloz in the UK. Then she brought up Weev and his banning from Gab.ai. To my knowledge Weev is the only person who was ever banned/silenced in any way on Gab.

Now Weev is the “technical genius” behind The Daily Stormer. But I had heard it said that he was Jewish.

Here is what Alison Chabloz said to me which I was unaware of:

Alison Chabloz: Andrew Auernheimer aka Weev was censored on Gab. Some say this was in part self-inflicted as, back in the mid noughties when Auernheimer was involved with Encyclopaedia Dramatica, he was all for banning those who were questioning 9/11, labelling them as ‘anti-Semites’. This was when ‘troll culture’ began to take off, with the likes of Auernheimer at the helm.

Just to clarify, I am against censorship.

Jan Lamprecht: Hi Alison, this is interesting info. I’m going to post your comments on my website. So I assume its true that Weev is JEWISH?

Alison Chabloz: Jan, many seem to think Weev has Jewish heritage. Dennis Fetcho of ITEL radio was one of Weev’s targets ca. 2005. @RadioITEL on Gab

I have no knowledge of Dennis Fetcho so maybe that is an important clue. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

Now on Gab, the only person who, to my knowledge has ever been banned/censored in any way was Weev. Then lots of people stood up and defended Weev and his behaviour saying he’d done such things before and it was OK, and why was Gab doing this.

But now the question is whether Weev is Jewish.

One shocking thing about the Alt-Right is that its filled with Jews. Jews, Jews everywhere. Alex Linder and I did a show about the Jew Stefan Molyneux and his nonsense. But many Jews in the Alt-Right have been “doxxed” – exposed.

The Alt-Right seems to have its own culture and wording and this too is something to be careful of. Jewish wordplay is a very important part of how Jews mislead people. This is why Hitler and Goebbels insisted on calling a Jew a Jew. The moment you begin using code words, then the Jews can squirm out of it and get away. This happens with the Jew shill, Alex Jones. He speaks of “the Elite” and then who are the Elite? He will say NAZIs are the Elite! Or for a single day he’ll say JEW and then he’ll never mention Jew ever again. These people are SO SLIPPERY and they keep getting away and WORDS are a critical part of the way they go on to lie more and fool people.

Alex Linder posted something the other day on Gab which I think is very insightful. Alex says he’s watched people enter the White Right and then they carry on for YEARS building up a following and doing great stuff and then suddenly, they begin losing their cool and going on the attack and going wild and attacking people, etc. Alex says he’s seen this MANY TIMES and he’s come to the conclusion that these people are infiltrators sent deliberately to infiltrate us and cause chaos among us.

Here are some very important comments from me:
Firstly, in the Alt-Right, there are way too many Jews. You CANNOT be serious about opposing Jews AND having Jews right in there attaining the highest levels of respect. That’s just not possible. If you allow Jews in there to form your thinking, know your views and taking part then you STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE DANGER OF JEWS. You either do it like the NAZIS do and kick them out or you go home. You CANNOT have Jews among whites. Until Whites can grasp this, you’re NOT understanding the PROBLEM. And don’t think you’re cleverer than the NAZIs were. They knew their enemy. They struggled for years to get some form of freedom AND THEY WERE KILLED FOR IT. But EVERYTHING they did was RIGHT and part of the correct strategy.

Someone sent me a video by some “Good Jews” and I downloaded it. I also want to tell you my current attitude towards “Good Jews”. I’ve come to the conclusion that a GOOD JEW must NOT be given Publicity. NEVER. NEVER NEVER NEVER!! Do NOT go around saying: “Here is a good Jew, support him…” All you are doing is giving a Jew a platform to tell the truth for a while, build up an audience and then he will begin lying again.

Hitler said: A Jew will only tell the TRUTH in order to TELL A BIGGER LIE LATER.

To give Jew(s) a platform where they can speak to whites is merely to allow the Jews a new beginning to begin playing the game of lying and twisting which they are masters at. Whites must STOP LISTENING TO ANYTHING A JEW SAYS – PERIOD. I, personally, kicked every Jewish “friend” out of my life and I NEVER contacted them again, never spoke to them again, and NEVER WILL. You must get rid of these people. By continuously bringing them back among us merely exacerbates the problem and gives them new chances to try new tricks.

JEWS CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT US. WE ARE THE “AIR” that they breathe. They are lazy useless filth who exist ONLY by parasiting off us. We can exist without them and for our own survival we MUST KICK THEM OUT. Don’t ever say you know about Jews while keeping them among you, because then it shows that you still do NOT grasp the danger of the slimy, slippery, lying Jew.

Jewish infiltrators MUST BE DRIVEN OUT BY WHITES. Its that simple. If we don’t do that, WE LOSE!

4 thoughts on “About GOOD JEWS: Alison Chabloz: Is the Daily Stormer’s Weev Jewish? Gab.ai Censoring of Weev – Also Alex Linder re: Jewish infiltration of Whites

  • 4th March 2019 at 7:27 pm

    Dr. William Pierce had a good show on the subject of why he always pointed out the jews and their treachery. Listeners wrote in and ostracized him for always “picking on the jews” i – know a good jew not trying to destroy me, etc . Pierce gave a very cogent response, and to sum it up he said you are looking at the trees and not the forest. Then his profound observation was something like this: If there were no jews, history would have been totally different. No wars, no usury, no slavery, no evil. He said yes, there may be a few jews who are not out to destroy us, but remember, if there were no jews there would have been no European wars, no assasinations of the monarchy, no Civil War, no WW1, no WW2, no Korea, no Vietnam, no Communism, no white genocide in South Africa, no Afghanistan, no Libya, no Iraq, no Central Bank plunder, no decline of previous civilzations going back to Babylon and Egypt, no Christianity, no (((French))) revolution, no (((Freemasonry))), no slave trade, etc..

    The World would have been a much saner and nicer and safer and enlightened place for our people and our progeny.

    If you lift up the rock and let the sunshine in, you will see the jew parasites scurrying for cover.

  • 12th July 2018 at 12:35 am

    A pastor friend recently told me
    “if a jew’s lips are moving, they are lying.”

    Michael Piper called them Judas Goats.

  • 1st January 2018 at 7:35 am

    it’s “doxed”, or “doxing”. in all of my years browsing, weev has always been a known kike. bobby fischer was a self-loathing jew, and look how much publicity he was given, or his ignominious end. the scorpion and the frog, is the story of the jew. if anything, i find the vast majority of these “stunts” like, getting banned, or being vilified by the liberal media, etc., to be attempts at gaining “street cred” within the right wing. i have a picture of a good jewish family, it’s an assortment of lampshades.

  • 1st January 2018 at 2:12 am

    Never, ever under any circumstances trust a jew, never give him the benefit of the doubt, he will ALWAYS stab you in the back. These bastards have only one loyalty and that’s to their tribe, we should have the same loyalty for our tribe. The daily stormer is dodgy as far as I’m concerned, it’s good for a laugh sometimes but it’s just so over the top that Anglin simply has to be a shill, he’s also very short in stature I hear which rules him out for an Aryan in my opinion. The jew is the number one enemy of the white race, never forget that and treat them accordingly, there are NO good jews, they are all backstabbers.
    Keep up the good work Jan.


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