A Ukraine War mystery for me: Why didn’t Putin take down the Internet?

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Something that I was surprised by, early in the war was that Russia did not take the Internet down in Ukraine. I found this quite freaky because the Internet was working in so many ways against the Russians. It was allowing the Ukrainians to do many many things … including putting out information and even working with people outside Ukraine to pinpoint and destroy Russian armour.

There were LOTS of things that I thought were very bad for the Russians by not taking down the Internet. Much of it was propaganda, but it even came down to actual Russians being killed.

The Russians are supposed to be pretty hot when it comes to hacking. So I was extremely surprised by this.

Then after some time, I began to realise that Putin is also a propagandist and he’s quite calm in the limelight. So then I began to think that maybe Putin never intended to take down the Internet and that he believed the Internet was somehow positive for him.

Now I’m revisiting this analysis. I came across mention that the Russians were trying to hack the Ukrainian Internet but it is as if the Western World (read: USA, etc) somehow managed to beat the Russian hackers.

So now I’m wondering if the USA deliberately knew about the invasion or the moves of the Russians and were able to stop it.

This goes even further. The Ukrainians have lots of nuclear power plants. My understanding was that Russian hackers could, in theory cause mayhem inside Ukraine by switching things off, etc. Yet, to my knowledge, that never happened. And that, surely MUST HAVE BEEN SOMETHING PUTIN AND THE MILITARY WANTED.

I am wondering if the Russian military hackers were defeated by the USA and Britain?

There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

If anyone ever comes across any information relating to the hacker war in the Ukraine war, I’m interested. Something is VERY WRONG here. Very wrong. This does not make military sense.

There is a lot more going on than we believe.

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