A Jewish fertility specialist Eric Howard Silverstein sells embryos to the highest bidder


[A lady left these comments on the article I posted: Comment on Jewish crimes worth remembering: 2009: Israeli doctors indicted for human egg trafficking in Romania. The story by this lady, Charlene Port is fascinating. It merely adds to my own views that running everything as a business is wrong. Jews and medicine … Bad news!!! Jan]

My name is Charlene Port. A Jewish fertility specialist Eric Howard Silverstein sold 4 of my embryos out to the highest bidder in auctions He has been doing this to folks for over 30 years. DORA department of regulatory agencies protected him as well as many others in the Colorado government. I found my two children but a local law enforcement agency also accepts bribes from this doctor. Imagine knowing where your children are and the local law enforcement in a very small town in Colorado is protecting those who purchased your children as well as the doctor? Now due to the restraining order imposed by a small town that is very corrupt, I AM UNABLE TO POST A PHOTO OF MY TWO CHILDREN I FOUND.

So far I found two of my children in Censored Colorado. My poor little girl was sold to a lesbian who smoked cigarettes like a freight train and drank cough medicine. Her vessel died when my daughter was just age 6. I am under a gag order to talk more about the two children I discovered. I ALSO HAVE A 4 YEAR OLD SON IN UTAH SOLD TO A VERY WEALTHY MORMON COUPLE WHO PRETENDS CHURCH. Please spread my story around. CBI refuses to help, FBI refuses, Jared Polis refuses Phil Weiser refuses state attorney general and of course the crowley county sheriff department made fake arrests on me over this situation. CONTACTED THE ACLU 7 TIMES

Here are 2 documents the lady sent links to:



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