A Good Boer comment from AfricanCrisis about destruction of UK, USA & Jew Soros


[On my website africancrisis.info, a Boer, Willem, wrote these excellent comments which I agree with totally. Jan]

Allan Douglas , there seems to be a global attempt at inversion .

Replacement of traditions like The British with swiftly replicating Muslims will cause a culture overhaul in the UK within 20 years .
In the USA , Whites are being inflicted with , if not accosted , with guilt complexes for being white . All these culture and truth inversions were honed and perfected by the seeds from Stalins 1924 potting soil .

The Berlin wall crash of 1989 was a false flag in which the KGB simply re invented themselves .
The rise of Mugabe (after Bishop Muzorewa was defeated) , unbanning of the ANC/SACP alliance a year later in RSA are all interlocking pieces of the same puzzle .

This puzzle is the blueprint now being applied globally , by the George Soros foundation , and as stated elsewhere on these threads , Soros was identified by Scots raised , Paki , Michael Black , a noted intel and satanism analyst .

When thinking of the matter , it is not rocket science that any perversion of tradition , creates a new/altered society . Thusly , it can no longer be a secret , that with an altered society , there will be little opposition by traditionalists , to a New World Order as proposed by The Soros Foundation and the many faceted tentacles right within our societies today .

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