A German tells me: 90% of Germans are really atheists! – The Rise in Atheism in Europe!


[Germans used to be just like the Boers are today – MASSIVELY CHRISTIAN! This is what one of my German supporters in Germany told me about Christianity and National Socialism.  The Germans used to be extremely Christian, and the bloodiest war ever fought on German soil was the 30 Years war which wiped out 30% of Germans!

Leon Degrelle makes much of talking about Hitler’s belief in God – which was real. But he also tells you that early in the days of the NAZIs, that the Roman Catholic Church was actually the greatest threat to Hitler’s rule. These are topics we can return to.

What is clear from my German supporter, is that Germans still go through the “motions” because Christianity was huge for them for centuries and they defended it with their lives and their blood. But in reality, it seems to be dead for them.  The “table talks” he is referring to is: Hitler’s table talk, which I take seriously. It seems there were other movements that were against Christianity just before WW2. One of them being the Ludendorff Movement. All this is new to me, but very interesting. Jan]

Here is what a long time German supporter wrote to me:-

Christianity and NS? Where to start? Currently 36% of the Germans have no confession, 28,5% are Catholics, 26,5 are protestants. But the reality is that 90% of the Germans are atheists. The numbers are the official numbers and the people just get baptised because of tradition.

Before the split in 2 states the Germans were more religious but the commies in the GDR fought Christianity wherever they could. I remember meeting a guy from east Germany (in reality it’s middle Germany) in the 1990’s who didn’t know who Jesus Christ was. Can you imagine that (i like that, of course)?

If we consider the “table talks” as reliable Hitler was very anti Christianity. He talked a lot about the church and Christianity and he hated it and wanted to finish them off. Also an old SS man from Austria told me that they considered the churches as a bigger enemy than the Jews. They planned to go against them after the war. It was not possible at the time.

In the 1930´s a lot of people left the churches, not only because of the NSDAP. There were other movements like the Ludendorff Movement and so on who were anti Christian. So the churches had huge losses of sheeples at the time.

But still the poison was strong in the peoples mind and the church has real political power. So the NS made deals with them and tried not to make them a enemy because we surely had enough enemies.


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