A European Family Monarchy that fascinates me… the Habsburgs

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The Habsburgs ruled what later became the Austro-Hungarian Empire where Hitler was born. One thing which has struck me as strange is how long this one family ruled in Europe. They also did a lot of interbreeding, which physically affected and even harmed them. But they ruled for an insane amount of time in central Europe.

Among the brilliant Generals they fought against were Frederick the Great and Napoleon.

I’ve come to be somewhat fascinated by them and will dig a bit into their history.

I don’t overtly see any links to Jews though the Austro-Hungarian Empire, by the time of Hitler as a young man, was filled with Jews. Jews were crawling all over Vienna.

I’m amazed however that one family, that seems to be pure Whites, could rule and hold on to power in central Europe for so very long.

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