WHAT IS RUSSIA REALLY LIKE? What do the Russians say to each other Live on TV? It will shock people…

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I have done shows before with Europeans, including Eastern Europeans who can read and also understand spoken Russian. And one thing I was told a long time ago, is that the discussions among Russians and in the Russian media will shock Whites in the Western World.

I went back to the Europeans and asked for examples of what the Russians say, and I will post some of this stuff.

Also, Whites in the West are aware that the West lies, but I never hear anyone talking about the Russian Government and whether the Russian Government tells lies. Whites in the White Right act as if the Russians tell only the truth all the time, and everyone else is a liar.

I will post some things so that people can see what the Russians and Russia really is like. And you will hear it out of the mouths of Russians themselves.


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