5 Pics: Boers: S.Africa: PROOF: Are Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies coming true now?

[I mentioned the other day that an intense panic is under way among white Christians in S.Africa, especially among Boers. Here’s the article: S.Africa: An Intense Christian (Suidlander?) race war panic underway… Siener Van Rensburg Prophecies for 2019

I want to show you what is doing the rounds among these people. Make no mistake, these people are desperate and fed up. They want something to come right for them. But is it these prophecies?

Let me show you what is circulating among them, which means a lot to them … BUT IS IT TRUE?

Remember that Van Rensburg’s prophecies come in strange forms and that there are different people who have written about them. The best book on the subject is: Die Vierkleur wapper weer (The old Boer Flag, 4 colours, will fly again). This is the only scientific analysis of Van Rensburg’s prophecies that exists. But this book has not been read by many people. The man who has popularised the prophecies is Adriaan Snyman, the father-in-law of Gustav Muller of the Suidlanders. Snyman is the “High Priest” of the Van Rensburg cult. He and Muller are the ones constantly putting out their insights and new interpretations of this Van Rensburg material. This is a key thing to keep in mind.

I recall, when I read one of Snyman’s books (I have 3 of them), that a key part of this story is that WW3 will be underway and the Germans will send heavy weapons to save the Boers. Ships will come to Namibia, which used to be German South West Africa. They will unload heavy weaponry and troops and these Germans will fight their way through to South Africa where they will meet up with the Boers at the small town of Prieska.

Years ago, I heard that the railway line had been restored to Prieska for the first time in decades. This was supposed to be a huge event in proving that the prophecies were under way to coming true.

So I’m rather surprised to see a similar story coming up AGAIN, but this time with photos. But if you look closely at the photos, I have my doubts about them. Accompanying these photos is text. I’ve translated the text.

Here’s the English:-
It’s the first time (last night) that the train will end at last in Luderitz after almost 20 years !!!

On the train that arrived in Luderitz again! Siener van Rensburg said that the railway line of Luderitz would still transport the German weapons for the Boers to Prieska in the last freedom struggle of the Boer! Maybe it’s not that far!

Here’s the original Afrikaans that was accompanying these photos:-
Dit is die eerste keer (gisteraand) wat die trein weer einde ten laaste in Luderitz aankom na byna 20 jaar!!!

Oor die trein wat weer in Luderitz aangekom het! Siener van Rensburg het gesê dat die spoorlyn van Luderitz sal nog die wapens van Duitsland vir die Boere na Prieska vervoer in die laaste vryheidstryd van die Boer!!Dalk is dit nie meer só ver nie!

The source for the above text and the accompanying photos is unknown! So I have no idea who created this and who is circulating it!!!

Here are the 4 photos:-

These “photos” look like photos … but they could also be paintings. And look at the name on the bottom right: Brad Wood. This seems more like art to me than actual photos. The message claims that the train ran to Luderitz for the first time in 20 years last night! Really?

Now Namibia is mostly desert. So these photos could be from there. But these photos are also mostly of trains running at night. If you look closely at “the first train” – which these photos purport to be of … then the 3 “photos” in which you can see the trains, you’ll see that each train is different. In the one, you have 2 engines pulling the train. In the other 2 photos you have only 1 engine pulling the train. Also look at the coaches. These 3 visible trains are clearly very different, and are not of the same train.

There is only one of these “photos” which shows the colours of the train. Now compare that with an actual photo of a Namibian train below:

A real Namibian train has a yellow stripe along the middle. But in the topmost photo, the stripe seems to be a light blue and definitely not a yellow.

To me, these purported photos of the train looks more like artwork from America than actual photos of a real train. To me its as if someone has gone to the trouble of creating a fake message which makes these Boers think that the Van Rensburg prophecies are coming true SOON and that we can expect WAR and German weapons … soon!!!

The due date, also circulating among these Christians is 21st January 2019. People are running around like crazy preparing for “anarchy” and “instability” and they’re busy spending money and doing things intensely in the belief that THE BIG ONE is around the corner. One man even said to me: “We don’t have as long as 6 months to go”. I asked him how he arrived at that belief.

I think a lot of “newbies” to the Right Wing are being fooled by these stories. They’re not aware that less impressive, but similar ideas have been floated years ago. I remember specifically the “railway line to Prieska opening” as being a big thing back then. I think the source for it then was Adriaan Snyman himself. But this time I don’t know who is behind this message and the accompanying photos.

These Suidlanders are forever modifying their prophecy dates. When their dates are wrong, they just reschedule it to 2 or 6 or so months ahead. They never cease to change these “prophecies carved in stone”. Last year, after Simon Roche was wrong about all of us being killed in April 2017, they were very quiet about the new dates. Suidlander contacts of mine were hiding the real info from me. It took me quite a while to eventually get the info that “THE BIG ONE” would be around 22nd August 2017. Some Suidlanders were frantically preparing themselves and getting radios and weapons training, etc done. But of course as usual its all wrong.

I just wanted to show you that this type of stuff is continuing with an even higher level of frantic activity.

What I am curious about is WHO is actually creating these messages? Who is driving this panic? Is it yet another Suidlander trick or what? Or is there something more devious at work?

I have pondered many times, how well this prophecy idea could work for intelligence services and enemy agents whose goal is to  keep the minds of these trusting Christians captive. By continuously changing the story, even when it fails, it keeps people running around. Whoever believes the story, is then taken in by the next version of the lie. However, eventually, one by one, some people will tire of it. In the end, the hardest core believers are constantly kept in a state of panic/hope, while in fact nothing firmly transpires.

What is especially important, is that by messing with their heads, SOMEONE ELSE IS WASTING THEIR TIME AND MISDIRECTING THEM FROM DOING LOGICAL THINGS. To some degree it is good as a form of motivation … that they are hectically busy preparing for war. So it could be something coming from their own ranks, as a form of motivation, rather than from an enemy. But if it comes from an enemy, it would also have value for the enemy in that the enemy is indirectly controlling their minds and keeping them busy. NOTE: They are preparing, but the things they are preparing for will NOT happen. So they “prepare” and then they wait…. and wait… They never move forward on their enemies because they need “the right signal from God”. So if the right signal from God never comes… then they won’t do anything.

Thus I am torn between the two possible theories of whether this message originates from friend, who is faking it, to keep them motivated, and FOE who are perhaps a bunch of psychologists working for an enemy Intelligence Agency who want these Christians to fail and be ineffective, and thereby control them with a narrative that is always doomed to failure, but for which there is always a NEW LIE OF HOPE!!

So watch this space. What I hope is that nobody does anything impulsive, stupid and violent on the wrong day. The last time that happened, was with the Boeremag, who were ALSO driven by the same prophecies. The Boeremag went to war when a “Priest” told them it is time to start the race war against the blacks – also based on Van Rensburg. Then when that happened, they built bombs and planted them in places to blow up blacks … and over 20 white men went to JAIL for that. I hope that a similar trap is not being set up. If our enemy is at work, then the game would be to set a trap, perhaps a much bigger trap, and to then catch all the whites who believe this stuff, and perhaps many more will go to jail?

It is my suspicion that the whites are not as jumpy as before. But you never know. It might take a handful of people to be fooled in order to create a serious problem for themselves and maybe the right wing. I hope they manage to keep their heads and to not actually go shooting and attacking as they did before on the basis of these “prophecies”.

The whole matter strikes me as very dodgy … and that’s why I am suspicious as to whether these messages are coming from (misguided) FRIENDS, or malicious ENEMIES!!!

NB: In the final days of Rhodesia, I remember similar mental instability. Someone unknown, took out full page newspaper adverts in The Rhodesia Herald, from a spiritual entity whose name began with T – something like: Taragh … more or less. I also wanted to believe it. I saw stacks of it, but it was pure rubbish. When people are under stress, and uncertainty, then they seek out all kinds of hope. I was like that. I used to think it was just me. But now I see that many people go through these same mental stresses. Jan

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