3 Pics: 2013: Jewish Rabbi explains why Europe must be destroyed!


[Here’s a direct quote from a Rabbi talking his Jewish nonsense. Underneath all this Jewish hogwash is a pure hatred of whites, ESPECIALLY the whites of our homeland, Europe! The whites who’ve put up with over 2,000 years of Jewish BS. So in 2013, this Rabbi said this in one of his sermons on Youtube. Jews hate the whites of Europe because our brothers and sisters in Europe have put the Jews in their place on 360 occasions and kicked their miserable, thieving, lying Jew asses out of places where whites were living.

So this Rabbi talks his Judaism nonsense about why white Europe must be destroyed. Whites must see to it that (a) White Europe SURVIVES AND THRIVES (b) Jews are sent packing out of ALL white societies.

We stupid whites in Africa were far too nice to these Jewish scoundrels. And how did that work out for us? Now we’re struggling to survive and the Jews are giving BIG MONEY to blacks who openly tell all blacks to kill us!!! So here we are, relearning, the HARD WAY, a lesson that our European brethren had themselves learned through blood, sweat and tears. We whites must stick together from now on. Europa must survive and prosper into eternity and we must see to it that under no conditions will we allow Europe to be destroyed. 14/88. Jan]

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