2002: Jan Lamprecht’s: The WorldWide War on White People: BEING BLAMED FOR CRIMES THEY DID NOT COMMIT


[Here is a copy of a very old article I wrote when I had just got started on the Internet. I wrote this for an American website called: Etherzone, where I published some articles. Etherzone has long since disappeared. But this article is something people remember. Jan]


By: Jan Lamprecht

I watched a most ridiculous occurrence on TV the other day. Several African heads of State were at the World Economic Forum. The President of Uganda, Museveni spoke. He complimented a recent move by the Bush administration. Then he commented that it was the first positive thing the USA had done in Africa in 500 years!! Even more astounding than his ignorant, arrogant remarks was that the entire auditorium filled with white people, applauded him loudly. My mouth hung open at this. Here was the arrogant leader of a small tin-pot nation scolding them, and they were agreeing with him. This sort of thing is all too common these days, and it outrages me. When Mozambique was experiencing floods in recent years, the wife of a former President, was arrogant enough to chide the USA for not sending aid fast enough!! Time and again, one sees these tin-pot nations, who are incapable of even feeding themselves then turning around and making the most ungrateful and downright nasty statements to Western countries and white people who give them so much for free, never asking for a single thing in return. I watch as these arrogant beggars strut the world stage begging – nay – DEMANDING more and more money from the West.

The World is at War! It has been at war for many decades but few people understand it. It is not fought with machineguns and hand grenades. It is fought with words and concepts. In the 1960’s, Khrushchev, the Soviet Premier, gave a speech wherein he said there was a war, a battle for the minds of men. The Great World Wide Psychological war rages to this day across the news media, across continents, across racial and sexual boundaries.

Most people do not realise the importance of morality in politics and especially in war. If you are fighting for a just cause, then you will find most people supporting you. If you are fighting for an unjust cause then people will rebel against you. Neutral nations will turn against you. Morality is a most powerful factor in war. Most men will not fight unless they believe in the justness of their cause. He who occupies the moral high ground will find the whole world supporting him. Most importantly, conquests can only be made permanent if they are seen to be for the moral good. Great conquerors recognised this. Ghengis Khan, the greatest conqueror in history portrayed himself as a man of peace.

The communists have long recognised the power of morality in politics. Even when committing the most hideous crimes imaginable, they have always couched it in the most beautiful high-minded phrases. Here in Africa where scum like Mugabe sent their Marxist Terrorists into Rhodesia to cut the body parts off black and white people alike, they referred to their Terrorists as "Freedom Fighters". They referred to the enslavement of black people as "Liberation." Look at the blacks in Zimbabwe today. They are enslaved are they not? Gallup Polls have shown since 2000 that 70% and more of the populace want Mugabe out, but Mugabe cheats at elections and stays in power. Mugabe is busy right now selectively starving all the blacks to death that voted against him. He is doing what Stalin did in the 1930’s, but he does not call it murder. It is, instead "Land Reform". He is nationalising farms, driving whites out and stealing the fruits of their life’s labours. But he does not call it theft, he says instead he is righting a wrong.

When 1,300 white farmers are murdered in South Africa, it is not called Ethnic Cleansing, instead it is seen merely as "payback for oppression." In the USA, whites will have to cough up billions of dollars perhaps, for the horrors of slavery. Half of Brazil’s population is made up of former slaves, but they are not being nailed. No, instead, white Americans are singled out for fleecing. Slavery is conducted to this day in parts of Africa, but we hear nothing of it. If white Americans profited from slavery then so did the Arabs who traded them and so did the blacks who hunted down their own brothers and sisters and sold them into slavery. Why then is it only white Americans who are being singled out as the culprits? It is these same "horrible" Americans who actually went to war to free the slaves – but do they get credit for that? And what of Europe? Europeans are continuously attacked for "Colonial Oppression", and yet, even now, it should be obvious to all except the brain-dead, that Colonialism brought Africa the best years of its life. Colonialism brought Africa a Golden Age which it has never known either before, nor since! But do the Europeans get any credit for this? Not a chance! Instead, they are treated as criminals.

People across the world have not taken enough notice of a most insidious development, which has occurred as the communists stretched their tentacles across the world. They have not taken notice of how communists and their allies have adopted the cause of blacks as their own and have expanded this into a general war on the Western world and on white people in particular. Former Chief of Staff, General Jan Senja of Czechoslovakia reported in the book "Red Cocaine", that the communists sent a delegation to the USA in 1967 to meet with African Americans. Their purpose was to see in what way they could use African Americans to foment revolution in the USA. They noticed that African Americans were not interested in communism per se, but rather in the disparities between rich and poor. In the 1967 report on minorities in the USA, the communists decided that blacks and Hispanics should be united against white people in America. They decided to drive blacks into despair and turn them into a huge social problem, which would divert America’s energies inwardly. They aimed to help expand the drug trade and to get the blacks heavily involved in it. They wanted the blacks to lose their jobs. They wanted to tap into the resultant anger and create as many racial troubles as they could.

The Liberation of Africa is unquestionably the most successful project the Russians and Chinese ever engaged in, and I believe that they are applying many strategies and tactics they perfected here and are using them in North America and Europe now. Most of Africa is run by socialists and Marxists who I believe are knowingly helping the communists in their clandestine assaults on white countries. It seems to me that communists have taken advantage of Third World peoples fleeing to North America and Europe. I believe they are exploiting this mass migration to foment political change in the target nations.

I have seen how the communists and the far left use their psychological warfare. They begin by putting forward a false thesis. The false thesis, which they spread, is one, which is aimed at giving them the moral high ground. They begin by accusing their victims of some hideous crime. (E.g. slavery, colonialism, oppression, etc). They undertake studies, they write new propaganda and they use the media to spread these twisted lies and their supporting "facts". They carry on with this, hammering away by only putting forward the half-truths, which support their thesis. They are never concerned with the whole truth. They are only concerned in getting their way so they only tell things which work in their favour. They leave out inconvenient facts, which detract from their hideous message. They fight for the minds of people. Their approach is to convince their victims that they are indeed hideous criminals. Eventually, after working at this for decades, they succeed in inducing a guilt-complex in their target.

Once they have created this guilt-complex, they can then exploit it, and they do so with the utmost ruthlessness. They constantly remind their target of how guilty and hideous their "crimes" were, and how these wrongs must be righted. The "solution" is always the same: You must give up what is yours to them. You must give them your possessions, or money, or political power. You must step down from the positions you occupy. You must surrender all your "ill gotten gains." Having convinced you of the guilt of your forefathers, they then come in for the kill. But it is you who will be handing everything to them on a plate because you are so filled with guilt, remorse and regret.

This guilt-complex has always been a major part of communism. Marx did not see the full potential of it. He tried from the first to merely justify his vision for worldwide revolution by using false facts to "prove" that capitalism was causing all the ills of the world. But later, as they got psychiatrists in on the act and as they experimented on prisoners, they refined their techniques using genuine science. As far back as the Korean War and the Hungarian revolt, they were already experimenting with guilt-psychology on their enemies. In my upcoming book I mention this in more detail, because it is extremely important. The communists perfected brainwashing. The key issue in brainwashing, is to convince the victim that he is a criminal and that they, the communists, are the good guys. The final step is to convince the victim that they are his friends. They do so using various false arguments and logical tricks. Much of this can be done via propaganda and is suitable for mass dissemination in the media.

Once the communists have convinced you of your supposed guilt (by twisting facts and inventing "evidence", etc), they now hold the moral high ground. You, being a basically good person, who perhaps believes in God, will now willingly submit yourself for punishment, and they will gleefully give you a list of all their demands.

White people are the target for a hideous, worldwide hate propaganda campaign. Whites are under attack for many reasons. Whites are the main proponents of capitalism. Whites control most of the economic and military power of this world. Whites, especially Christians, are the sworn enemies of communism. In short, whites, especially white males, stand in the way of communist victory. Take a good look around you, and consider for yourself how much the white male comes under attack from every possible angle in the media. Even white women are being induced to turn on them. Look at how all these attacks originate from the far left of the political spectrum.

The communists see in the cause of black people, a mechanism whereby they can attack whites across the world and induce a guilt-complex in them. The whole point of this is to then get those whites to surrender their power to the blacks and other communist agents. They are out to fleece white people worldwide and to drive them back. But they do so not through military assault, but through an assault on the mind.

Whenever I see white people agreeing with those who attack us verbally, I get very angry because I know that by agreeing with their false thesis, one is merely laying the foundation for one’s own destruction. We must, at all costs, resist all these lies and exaggerations, which are spread around about us. South Africa, especially, did not wage enough of a propaganda war to defend itself, and now whites in South Africa have a reputation of being the worst people in the world. I see that pattern-extending elsewhere, and white people everywhere must take it upon themselves to defend their own name against this vicious, hideous slander. This should be the first step in our war against our enemies on the left.

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Jan Lamprecht grew up on a small farm in Rhodesia. He moved to South Africa after Mugabe came to power and spent a short time in the South African Navy. He ventured into the world of politics after Mugabe began his land invasions in 2000. He is a self-employed IT Consultant in Johannesburg and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

His new book "Government by Deception" – Psychopolitics in Southern Africa, will soon be available for purchase on Ether Zone.

We invite you to visit his website at Southern Africa In Crisis

Jan Lamprecht can be reached at: pbs

Published in the June 18, 2002 issue of Ether Zone.
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