2 Videos: European creativity: A super efficient invention that is dangerous: the Paternoster lift


[It never even occurred to me that there were several styles of elevators … but as usual, our marvellous race come up with many fascinating and wonderful ideas. This idea is actually incredibly efficient and used to be used quite a lot, but because of accidents, it has gained a bad name. But the concept is magnificently efficient anyway. I would think that with our modern technology, this type of thing could be made much safer by having computers controlling it and monitoring for anything weird happening. In fact, I think with some computer software and some sensors, you could have a very cool device that might even slow down at a nice gentle rate when it reaches a floor so as to make getting on and off easier and which monitors for any objects that are in the doorway and can stop anyone from being harmed by stopping it instantly. Given the super power of our modern computer software that flies planes, I think it can very easily make this thing the future. Either way, the incredible creativity and the never-ending curiosity of our people knows no limits. There is nothing our race cannot do. The UNIVERSE will be OURS! Jan]

Here are 2 short, cool videos about it.



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