2 Pics: Who is Joseph P. November? Is it a Jewish Name? Is it a Polish Jewish Ashkenazi surname?

[Who would choose the month of a year as a surname? I certainly have never known anyone with the surname of August or March. But because Jews did not have surnames and they needed to adopt them due to Western traditions, Jews adopted all sorts of surnames, sometimes having to do with their work or trade. e.g. Goldsmith, Goldstein, Silverstein.

Well, it turns out that in Poland, which had more Jews than any other European nation in history, and where Jews were the upper-class, that the name NOVEMBER was a valid surname. Here are some searches someone has done showing this.

So Joe November is a Polish Jewish surname and there are Jews in America with that surname.

From a website run by a Jewish woman with the surname November, she explains how the name came into being:


The Jewish woman Miss Sharyn November wrote:

“… As for ‘November’: My father tells me that in 1850s Poland all Jews were assigned arbitrary last names so they could be taxed. Someone knew German, obviously, because the Polish word for the month of November is ‘Listopad,’ which translates to ‘falling leaves’ – And yes, all Novembers are related, although it may be a reach to find the connection … my parents knew exactly what they were doing ….”    Jan]

From ancestry.com website, November is a Dutch surname with Ashkenazi (Eastern European) links:

Here is one (of many) searches of Polish records and it shows November to be a Polish surname:

The weird surname, November, crops up in Jew-infested New York (again, just a short excerpt of a long long list of names):



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