2 Pics: JFK Assassination: Recently declassified docs – Zionist (Jewish) links… also: Jack Rubenstein


[This fascinating item was posted by someone on Gab. I have no doubt there were BIG Jewish links to the JFK assassination. This is something that has fascinated me for quite some time. The first ever Jewish links to JFK that I saw came from Rockwell in his original book, White Power. In this item, they say that the Arabs were convinced that the MOSSAD was involved in this.

I also want to note that in the year that Rockwell himself was killed, that the Jews, I think Zionist Jews, had determined they would KILL 7 or 8 “White Racists” in the USA that year. Rockwell was definitely one. There was someone else who they tried to kill but he survived. I forget his name.

There are many Jewish links if you look closely. On the morning of the assassination a Jew placed an advert in a newspaper saying that a communist was behind the assassination … he did this BEFORE JFK was actually killed.

The Commission that investigated the assassination or whatever it was called, was also filled mostly with Jews.

Then there’s the Katzenbach Memo, a piece of Jewish brilliance, wherein the Jewish scumbag put forward the notion that Oswald and only Oswald was involved. That is where the entire investigation was sent down the path to NOT investigate any conspiracy.

To me one of the most incredible facts to come out, is the next pic down, wherein Jack Rubenstein explained that he killed Oswald IN ORDER TO SAVE THE JEWS. He feared a pogrom in the USA against the Jews! I cannot overstate the importance of this Jewish fear of a pogrom in the USA. I firmly believe that this is what “gun control” is all about. It is nothing BUT A FEAR OF A WHITE AMERICAN (MALE) slaughtering of Jews. And I’ve got something where you can hear it out of a Jews own mouth – a Jew in South Africa … where you’ll hear their fears about who will kill them. Jews are truly scared. And this is something to keep in mind and to use as is necessary.

Finally, to me, the JFK assassination is a lot like Jack the Ripper in the UK. That stuff was kept from the public for a CENTURY!!!!! Why? Well, if you look closely enough, you’ll see it was a Polish Jew who was slicing up the white prostitutes in London and there too the Jews feared a pogrom against them.

The race of scum are protecting themselves, and hiding their group crimes. Jan]

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