2 Photos: Apartheid S.Africa was known for it’s beautiful White women – many took part in Miss World


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Here’s the pretty Boer girl Anneline Kriel, who married, among others, the Jew Sol Kerzner. This is a rerun of the story of how Jews intermarry and get good White genes.

For the record, at the height of Apartheid, from the 1960s to the 1970s, lots of local White women took part in Miss World, etc. South Africa, in those days was known for its beautiful WHITE WOMEN. But of course that’s all gone. Now everyone is obese, liberal, etc.

Here’s the Boer girl Anneline Kriel who won Miss World in 1974: https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/03/23/23/26315976-8144647-Anneline_Kriel_former_Miss_World_and_former_wife_of_Sol_Kerzner_-a-65_1585006944938.jpg

Here’s Margaret Gardiner who won Miss Universe in 1978: https://www.angelopedia.com/News-In-Picture/Miss-Universe-winners-from-1971-to-1980-202/Margaret-Gardiner-Miss-Universe-1978-from-South-Africa-2510.html#google_vignette

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