One thought on “Video & Audio: Jew Shock: When Whites go Wonky!

  • 25th November 2017 at 8:00 am

    Good talk. In listening I quickly came to the conclusion that I may be one of those strange or wonky persons you spoke about. Regardless, if I am one of those or not that one is speaking about …. I decided to go back and re-read my comment with you and Alex Linder. I did not do a good job in explaining my thoughts. It sounded wonky, as you would say. However, I want to provide ( If I am one of those off the rails persons ) some context to my idea of relating things( White liberals being unaware through programming-a cultural induced trauma) to computer code… or trying too.

    I had to take a anthropology class while moving towards my computer science degree at UNO. One of those classes I entered a dark room.A projector was on with the word “Patriotism.” Nothing was communicated to us what was going on. When the class started the teacher clicked the projector to display the next image of two attractive white women in American flag bikinis. The next image has the word “Nationalism.” After this she clicked the projector and there was a white male dressed as Uncle Sam with a sign saying, “We want you Mexicans Out of our country.” Than the second amendment with an image of some red neck with an enormous gun … as if it was based on the guy compensating for a little dick or something. This continued. While watching this I felt like I was being assaulted in a manner I could not put my finger on. It was a terribly disconcerting experience. I saw this as high manipulation … high deception … the only basis one could stand up to such a type of garbage would be to stand up and say something like, ” I do not know exactly what this is … but this is wrong …. this is evil even. ” It was with this experience that brought me to seeing this World Communism as having a weapon of the psyche that had to be understood because this was highly controlled and purposeful. I was able to get a handle on it through my understanding of computer programming.

    In short, the computer world provides a microcosm ( or macrocosm ) of our own psychologies in my thoughts. In understanding how computers work we understand more about ourselves to a degree. That being said, those who are in the know and have the money … power – I bet use tactics gained through computers. I am trying personally to find the pattern of this cultural manipulation of world communism towards a relation that I can see like computer code-viruses etc. I want to be objective unto it rather than be subjected unto it.


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