Video & Audio: WW3? Trump’s Assassination of the Iranian General: My Initial Analysis


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There are many people saying that this could lead to WW3. I disagree. I explain why.

I discuss the modern US methods of fighting and what this type of war, in the past, ends up achieving.

This is my initial analysis of what Trump has done in Iran by assassinating the top Iranian General. I discuss the role of Jews and Israel in this, as well as what I think Trump is doing and where it will go to.

3 thoughts on “Video & Audio: WW3? Trump’s Assassination of the Iranian General: My Initial Analysis

  • 13th January 2020 at 12:52 am

    Hi Jan,

    I agree with your comments that the world has returned to small wars conducted by professional armies and/or mercenaries.

    By way of example, take a look at the Canadian Armed Forces recruiting website.(

    The website entices recruits with promises of great careers offering competitive wages, training, travel, and other benefits.

    There seems nary a word regarding fighting or sacrificing for higher principles or causes.

    At best, the Canadian Armed Forces looks like just another federal bureaucracy; and at worst a paid mercenary force.

    With no real cause, I find it hard to imagine the CAF fighting any type of long, dirty, difficult war or campaign. Besides, if you’re killed, how are you going to collect those sweet wages and benefits?

  • 7th January 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Do you really think USrael have to wait for Iran to do something ;D?
    They will make another false flag like World Trade Center Hoax but on smaller scale.
    I think americans will just kill ( or like jews like to say they will sacriface )some unimportand US general and few soldiers maybe. There will be a lot of explosions and thats it.

    Then they will attack Iran. I bet they are already prepared and waiting for weeks to do that.

    Iran is in bad situation. It’s hard for them to do anything but on the other hand they have to do something.
    It’s like with bullies in school either u fight or it will be worse and worse.

    I saw this funny video on Bitchute when someone said Iran should kill some american hero… Someone answered… What hero? Spiderman? Spongebob? All american heroes are cartoon they don’t have real heroes and liders.

    I think Iran and his middleast allies should throw EVERYTHING they have on Israel. It’s last call for them.
    Either they will destroy Israel or they will be destroyed piece by piece.
    But I don’t mean war with Israel… I mean throwing all rockets bombs and other shit they have. Israel cannot be defended from such attack.This country is too small. Destrou Israel in one blast.

    And then sit back and wait for US move… and see what rest of the world will say about that…

    I bet there would be not enough shampagne in whole France to meet the demand ;D


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