The Brown part-Jew Trevor Noah & other Jewish scum who need to be kicked off US TV


[An American left these comments after watching my video about the Jewish links of the South African, un-funny, part-Jew comedian Trevor Noah, who is rolling in the Jewish money in the USA while insulting Donald Trump and anything else the Jewish filth don't like. Jan]

Here’s what my viewer wrote:

Thanks! Now, Noah’s ‘look’ make sense. Of course, his personality makes more sense now, too. Now, if we could get him and Oliver and Colbert, as well as Corden, Fallon, Meyers and Kimmel off the tube, that would be so nice. But, these guys are just some big faces, even more so than the big three network newscasters, but they have such influence. Growing up, we had Carson, Cavett, Douglas, Shore, Snyder, later Letterman, Hall, Leno, etc., (in the old days, you had Steve Allen, Jack Paar, etc.) Sure, Carson was a big wheel, but its so different now. There is now such an infestation of programming with cable, satellite and internet. Back then, if we talked about Carson, it was usually about a joke or a comic or a musician. Even Cavett, who would get political (including having John & Yoko guest hosting for a week), its not like today. Grown-ups talked about Cavett and others, as giving a viewpoint to consider. But, today’s host present their views as unequivocal fact and the audiences lap it up, just like the news and infotainment shows. Contemporary ‘music’ adds to the destabilisation and brainwashing. The current, quasi-joke about "television programming is exactly that" is so right on! Here in the U.S., we had Sammy Davis, Jr. who converted to Judaism. He also had a penchant for White Christian women, including a Swedish second wife. His third wife was Black (as was his first), but he slept around with Black and White women, ‘experimenting’ with Satanism, pornography and drugs. We’ve got a lot of work to do!

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