More changes coming to History Reviewed’s content


Just a note. I’ve currently got articles here on HR that really are news and stuff not directly related to history. Bear with me for the next 3 weeks because I’m going to relaunch one of my other websites which is more suitable for this. So this website will have a “sister website” which handles the more current stuff.

Things like the White/Boer Farm murders protest and the violence in Coligny and Lichtenburg and Pretoria – all these things caught me off guard this year. It was fine while I had multiple channels on Youtube but when they banned me off youtube COMPLETELY, this was the only place that I could draw my audience to.

But as part of the make-over, I will stop posting such things in the future as soon as I have my new website up for that stuff. I will see how my time goes and how fast I can do it.

This website is about whites and our history and I want the basic content to return to our history and our race.

So the “White African” news and stuff will be posted on the new website once I launch that.

I’m throwing myself completely into my website(s) and my white racial work . This is what I want to focus on.

This website will be my main website and the others will be offshoots of this one.


2 thoughts on “More changes coming to History Reviewed’s content

  • 29th November 2017 at 5:08 pm

    How is your experience with hatreon? Any problems? I’ve begun to feel guilty for consuming your content for free. Maybe i will subscribe soon.

    • 29th November 2017 at 9:47 pm

      Hi Sid,
      I’m very grateful to the folks who support me because I am totally dependent on you. But I’m also trying to build my base so that my strain on other people’s resources is less. So I’ve got a plan for moving forward which I’ll reveal over the next 2 months.

      I like Hatreon. They seem to lack some things like my ability to communicate with or find out who my patrons are directly. I can see their names but have no way of messaging them or emailing them. So I’m more than happy if they will email me personally because I want to be in touch with my supporters.

      Feel free to use whichever option suits you. I will accommodate you whichever way I can.

      I’m throwing myself into my website work and today I’m busy replying to emails. I have stacks to go through, but bit by bit I’ll get back to people.

      Are you on my mailing list?



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