Global Race War: Whites Vs Jews & the World: The Empire of the White Race – A Comment


I had a reader write this to me:

This is the first video where I slightly disagree with you. I still quite liked it and I always enjoy your positive outlook on things, because I share the same attitute.
However, I think you’re making the same mistake as the Americans with regards to the survival of the “white race”. I am a German. I care for my people. German people. And to the same extend my Germanic Nordic brothers. So if the race war happened and your so called “white race” would win it, but it would only be the Spanish, or English part of it, to me that would be the same as if we all got wiped out. From this perspective, your territorial maps showing total “white” domination don’t mean as much to me either. I am also very sceptical about the racial purity of the people that show up as white in certain areas, especially South America, but that’s another topic. Yet another topic would be the question whether such a race war would actually happen, instead of the much more frightening slow boil/decline.

My response:
I don’t understand your problem. You say only the English and the Spanish would win? I never said that. Germans and everyone else in Europe would survive with ease. I stand by my thoughts on this. I don’t think you understand my race war perspective because you’ve not seen my detailed analysis of 50 years of race war in Africa. As for South America, its hard to get the exact number of pure whites. I’ve seen numbers as high as 150 – 180 million – that is why I settled for a lower number of 100 million. There is also something else you’re leaving out on the “racial purity” side, and that is the power of eugenics. A topic I’ve never discussed. We have the science to fix EVERYTHING, once we stick together.

One thought on “Global Race War: Whites Vs Jews & the World: The Empire of the White Race – A Comment

  • 7th December 2019 at 2:15 am

    Dear Jan,

    I have no more idea than you do about what the actual concern is of the reader who commented about your latest video on creating a racially White (or European) worldwide empire, and why it is not fully to his liking.

    Perhaps his concern is that the number of English speaking and Spanish speaking Whites (racial Europeans) is more numerous than the German and Nordic speaking ones and, therefore, he sees this as a long-term threat to the survival and existence of German and Nordic culture within the envisioned “White Empire”.

    Just my guess as to what his unspoken objection might be.


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