Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe’s Wife is behind $10 million in Land grabs!!! – My Comments

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[The stealing and crookery just goes on and on. Jan]

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating former first Lady Grace Mugabe and a group of her associates for allegedly claiming residential stands worth U.S.$10 million without payment. According to state media, Arosume Property Development was appointed developers for the land on Carrick Creagh Estate allocated to Sally Mugabe Housing Cooperative in 2005 and have now lodged complaints with the anti-corruption body. They allege that late former president Robert Mugabe and then local government minister Ignatious Chombo used their political clout to transfer stands from the development, to companies they controlled without paying for the land. Before his fall from power, Mugabe’s business benefited from patronage and he was as shrewd in underhanded dealings, as he was in politics.

Source: https://allafrica.com/view/group/main/main/id/00077058.html

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