You’ve never seen me saying Sandy Hook wasn’t real… I’m glad Alex Jones is getting a good BEATING

I see that the loud mouth, Jew pal, Alex Jones is in deep shit over Sandy Hook and saying it’s not real.

You’ve NEVER seen me say or hint at Sandy Hook being faked. Can you believe that Sandy Hook is a shooting that I’ve never got round to studying. I had noticed that many people called it Fake while ALSO calling other things Fake, which I had looked into deeply, and which I knew were NOT Fake. I quickly drew the conclusion that many people are calling too many things Fake, which are in fact REAL.

I’m really glad to see that Alex Jones is getting a good solid beating from people whose family were killed at Sandy Hook. I’m delighted.

It is about time that lots of people wake up to the fact that lots of things which are claimed to be Fake ARE NOT FAKE.

Here in SA, there were things I thought were fake, which I later dug into or even met people who were involved in it, and then I saw it was not fake.

People, especially in America are too quick to call entire events Fake, which are in fact REAL.

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